How to Make a WordPress Website With Hostinger





Introduction: How to Make a WordPress Website With Hostinger

Have you wanted to host a website without using the * domain? Well, I'll show you how to do that with Hostinger UK, which has some cool subdomains.

Step 1: Download WordPress!

Go to and click the big blue button that says "Download WordPress (Version)". As of July 9, 2014, the current version is 3.9.1, but it may have changed by the time you're reading this. Wanna download WordPress? Click on the file! (If the version of WordPress has changed, don't download this version. Download it on the site.)

Step 2: Sign Up for a Hostinger Account!

Using Hostinger UK, go to and sign up with your email, Google Account or FaceBook account.

Step 3: Sign Up for a Free Hosting Account!

When you've signed up, go to the Home page, click on New Hosting and order a free host.

Step 4: Wait. What Are You Going to Call It?

From the Enter Domain and Password page, choose the Subdomain type. Enter in the domain name and subdomain and your password for the website. (Choose one that's easy to remember, but hard for other people and computers to guess. Check out for a security check.)

Step 5: Look. Do You Want It? or Not?

Do you still want your website? Fill in the CAPTCHA, clicky that checkbox and order your own website!

Step 6: Time to Add the Words to the Press!

You'll then be redirected back to your active websites panel. Click on the website that you just created then go to Manage>Files>FTP Access and then copy the FTP Host, username, the password that you created when you ordered your website. (NOT the password when you signed up for your account, the password that you made in step 4.) Then go to and download ClassicFTP.

Step 7: Time to Do Some Logging!

Open the ClassicFTP program. (If another window does not open up, click the Connect button on the top.)

Fill in these fields:

  • Server (It is ftp.yoursitename.subdomain.domain)
  • Username
  • Port (ALWAYS21.)
  • Password

Leave all other fields blank.

Step 8: Sit Back and Relax.

Now, click the Add Site button on the bottom. It should be able to log in. (If it doesn't, check your password. Are you sure if it is the password you did on Step 4?)

Press the OK button if any window pops up.

Now, make sure you are in the public_html file. (This step is extremely important!!! If you upload to anything else, you could SCREW UP your website. So please, please, please make sure that you are uploading to the public_html file.)

Delete the default.php file (not the .htaccess file, the default.php file [only if you have the file.]) and directly drag EVERYTHING from your WordPress installation that you did in step 1(yes, even the readme.txt file) inside the public_html file. This will take a long time, so have a cup of coffee while you wait. (Or you can do Step 9. [You should. It's better to do it now than later.])

Step 9: MySQL Time!

While you're waiting, make a MySQL account. This will make the process faster. If you are still on the FTP page, on the left, go to Databases>MySQL Databases.

Fill out everything. There is no specific language to follow but just don't use any special characters.

Step 10: Let's Set'er Up!

When the upload is done, make sure you disconnect. It's very important.

Then in your web browser, go to your website. It will show a page telling you to make a configuration file. Ignore all errors and continue. Remember the MySQL database, username and password? Yeah, we'll need that again. The photo with the fields and the numbers is where you need to look at the table. (For example, if a field says 3rd column, then in the MySQL Database, go to the List of Current MySQL Databases and Users and find the third column. Use the info there to fill the field.)

Step 11: This Is Not Going to Take Long...

Okay, now that you've done everything, run the install. Fill out all fields and then click Install WordPress.

Step 12: Yay!

When you're done, you should see a screen with your username. Click Log In and... You have your own website! Yay! You sucessfully installed WordPress on your own. That's pretty much it!



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Nice concise 12-step tutorial. Here is a useful list of other wordpress video
tutorials. Very useful if you are a beginner

here is a coupon to register in hostinger

hostinger coupon:

What a great tutorial! I'm a WordPress devotee too! I consider it to be the easiest platform ever! I build websites for busy entrepreneurs. They often ask me to use a pre-designed templates (as a rule I pick them from this resourse - ). They are highly custimizable and absolutely user friendly.

I love you, your tutorial and Hostinger. I had problem connecting to FTP but their support team assisted me :)

how long did you take to active the host? I am waiting now for 5 days

I use hostinger last year, worst service I ever seen. Everyday it's server down ruined my sites visitors. now I moved to wordpress hosting. It's service and integrated google analytics features are great.

But hostinger has auto installer too. Can't we just use that?

Signed up, logged in, only to let you know that your blog was really helpful and I was able to get everything done in 15 minutes. Did some googling as well though. Keep up good work..

Hi, I have a problem, my page doesnt show my wordpress directly but a directory... how can I link the wordpress directly to my domain?