For my school's sports carnivals I like to dress up, and as green house captain this year, I had to do a good job. I made a Yoshi costume for the swimming carnival, and I think it worked pretty well.

By the way, I recommend NOT doing it during the hot Aussie summer like I did ;)

Step 1: What You Need

This is the equipment that I would recommend.

   • 2 beach balls (somewhere between 40-70cm diameter, depending on head size)
   • Glad wrap (cling wrap, saran wrap, whatever you call it in your country)
   • Newspaper
   • Flour
   • Water
   • PVA glue
   • Cardboard
   • Green paint, white paint and red paint or red tape
   • Black permanent marker
   • Strong tape
   • Clothes pegs/clamps
   • Scissors/knives
   • Cardboard
   • Masking tape
   • More paint
   • Elastic
   • Stapler
   • Glad wrap

   • Green shirt (preferably long sleeved)
   • Green gloves
   • Long green pants
   • White material/shirts
   • Large brown shoes, I used a pair of ugg boots
   • Backpack and a brown covering for the shell


<p>Joined instructables.com just to say a big thank you for posting this tutorial! Last year I found it and made a Yoshi head for my costume for my brother's themed 21st birthday party. It was a big hit and he was really amused/stoked with it. For the body, I bought a frog onesie on eBay and just modified it. Wanted to share some photos from the party last year (will also have more photos soon from a party I've just wore it to again). Thank you!</p>
Yea what's Pva glue
Alrighty, since its so late in the year i cant find any beach balls and i want to do this for my costume (Since its so flippin awesome) is there anything i can use as a substitute for a beach ball? please reply ASAP :):):) =)
Well i found some beach balls and used them, didnt get to finish the tail so i feel like such a failure, but it turned out pretty awesome, i used regular paper (printer paper) for one of my balls and it worked great =) mine doent look as nice as yours but i feel good about it, thanks for this tutorial man its awesome, the only remark i have, is you might want to be a bit more clear about how to put the nose and head together
Thanks, it makes me really glad to know someone found it helpful and actually went and made it! I'm happy it went well for you :)<br><br>Thanks also for the suggestion, I'll try and tweak it a bit when I get a chance :)<br>
Thanks!<br>The closest substitute would be something like an exercise ball. <br>An alternative which would be harder and messier is if you could get some fairly strong wire you could make a wireframe ball and then paper m&acirc;ch&eacute; over it. <br><br>I can't really think of much else at the moment, sorry!
Yoshi wears a saddle, not a backpack xD<br /> <br /> Otherwise awesome job, did the head very well.<br />
Wow, it took me over a year to understand your comment :P<br>Typo fixed ;)<br>Thanks for the compliment!
tHIS IS hilariously funny.
How heavy was the mask?
I'm not sure exactly how heavy, I could weigh it if you want.<br><br>Because of the weight distribution you can see that the front dips down (which was also how I saw), but I wouldn't say it's &quot;too heavy&quot;. It was lighter than I was expecting.
The reason I ask is because my son wants to be Yoshi for Halloween. I would have to down size the head but I was just wondering cause he is pretty young and I don't want him to be uncomfortable the whole night.
Ok, I think it'd be alright. Like I mentioned in the instructable, it helps to put a sponge in the back to prop it back a tad, reducing the pressure on the back of the head and letting the shoulders do a bit of work.
would&nbsp;a basket ball work?<br />
Yes, but in order for the head and body to be in the correct scale, (or even to have a nice fit for the head), a bigger ball is needed.<br /> <br /> I did a prototype using a smaller ball, and it worked ok, but would've fitted a 2 year old or something.<br />
Good job.<br />
Thanks, I just saw your camelback instructable, I was considering making one to wear with this, but I didn't.<br />
cool this would be great for a gaming convention i'll definitely be considering this for Halloween though.<br />
great job, not very practical for a swimming carnival but, cant wait for what you come up with for the athletics carnival. <br />
That is awesome! Love it!<br />
Thanks!<br />

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