Introduction: How to Make a Zippy Chain Bracelet

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For starters yes im a guy and yes im entering a bracelet contest. Making the rainbow loom bracelets are actually pretty fun so i thought id enter.

Step 1: Materials

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Okay so first youre going to need (obviously) a rainbow loom set with colors, a loom, and the hook. (which i dont have so im using a paper-clip)

Step 2: Starting Off

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First youre going to want to take one of your (three chosen) colors and set it like this.

Step 3:

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And then continue like this...

Step 4:

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...until it looks like this.

Step 5:

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and now do the exact same thing to the other side.

Step 6:

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Now take your next two colors and follow this pattern all the way up...

Step 7:

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...and when you put your last center rubber band you dont put any two outer rubber band. It should end up looking like this.

Step 8: Adding an Ending Band

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First take a rubber band and twist it into an 8 figure. Now put it at the top peg of the loom. Youre going to use this band later to put the s-clip onto.

Step 9: Flip

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Flip the loom upside-down.

Step 10: Putting It Together

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Okay so heres the more challenging part. First, hook onto the outer left band on the first peg and hook it onto its second peg. Do the same with the other side.

Step 11: The Center

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Now take the center band and loop it onto its second peg.

Step 12: The Sides

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Now take the side bands from the same peg as the already looped bands and loop them onto their second pegs. It should look like this.

Step 13:

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Continue this pattern until the loom looks like this.

Step 14: The S-Clip

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Now youre going to want to go to the end of the loom that does not have the ending band on it and stick the hook through ALL the rubber bands. Now take a band and stick on the end of the hook, pull the hook through and hook onto the other side of the same band and add the s-clip.

Step 15: Pulling It Off

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Take the other end of the loom and hook onto the ending band and pull everything off. You now have the main part of your bracelet.

Step 16: Extensions

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To make extensions take a few rubber bands (i took 5) and line them up on the loom in a single row like a basic single bracelet. At the end, add the side of the bracelet with the s-clip on, and remove the s-clip. It should look like this.

Step 17:

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Now flip the loom upside down and start looping the bands together like a basic single bracelet.

Step 18: Pulling It Off (Again)

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Add the s-clip to the end and pull the whole thing off.

Step 19: Finishing It...

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Clip the two sides together...

Step 20: Voila!

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...and voila! You now have yourself a zippy chain bracelet!


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