Picture of How-to-make a Zombie Mouse Toy
            Have a cat? Need a distraction for your latest high priced sofa or worse the fragile glass vase you fell in love with at an art show? An evening's sewing project (approx 1 hr.), I made a couple of free zombie mouse kits for April so if you want one, go ahead ahead and pick one up at the studio or if you want to pay the $5 shipping off the blog via Paypal, I'll be happy to send one to you pre-cut while they last. This kit was put together for our Hacker group to practice handsewing for eTextiles. Hopefully you can save your apartment with this small toy. From one cat lover to another.

The Kits Have:
All the pieces of swede fabric pre-cut (red, yellow, or tan)
100% natural cat-nip
cotton filling
button thread
beads for eyes

You will need:
pencil or basic writing utensil
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Step 1: Lay Out The Pattern

Picture of Lay Out The Pattern
             Cut and lay-out your pattern. You should have the following pieces here. Since I was making a lot of these at a time, I stacked up all my fronts and backs, then cut the left and rights together. If you don't have a good rotary cutter, you can trace this pattern, and cut out each piece individually. Alternatively, you can also use an exacto knife to cut several layers at a time. The last picture is of the two extra pieces. If you want to make your mouse nose bigger, cut accordingly.

You will have:

2 front body pieces (1 left, 1 right)
1 back piece
4 paw pieces (2 left, 2 right)
4 leg (2 left, 2 right)
2 paw pads (1 left, 1 right)

Step 2: Pin the Right Arm Together

Picture of Pin the Right Arm Together
     Take the right side mates and pin the wrong side to wrong side. The soft fuzzy part should be on the outside.
Haus Page (author) 3 years ago
Andrew, a furrier where I used to work, would make these for his cat to play with. He always said that he got his start sewing cat toy patterns as a pattern maker. I figured it would be fun to simplify the pattern and give it to people for them to work with.
This is just fantastic. Best looking cat toy ever. :D

Love all the little details!
Haus Page (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago
Thanks so much Jessy! I'm glad to see another cat person enjoying this. :-)