This Ladies and Gentleman is how you make a paper phone pouch that cost nothing.

Step 1: Gather Materials

What you will need.

1. One sheet of A4 paper.


3.A stick of glue.

4. A  phone 

5. Coloured pencils.(to decorate) (optional , not used in this instructable.)

Step 2: Fold & Cut Paper in Half

Fold paper in half and cut down the middle. 

Step 3: Fold Corners

When paper is cut in half fold corners like so.

Step 4: Glue Corners

Glue the corners to the paper 

Hint : Depends what glue but some glue might take up to an hour to dry,

Step 5: Decorating

If you want you can decorate your phone pouch  .

Remember you can decorate you pouch in any way you want :) .

Step 6: Finished Product

Now you have created the most easiest and cheapest phone pouch in the world !!!!!!!!

WARNING: If you have a wide phone like the samsung galaxy note you might have to use more paper.

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Bio: My name is Ryan , That is all you need to know.
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