How to Make a Airsoft Bb Holder Out of a Jones Soda Candy Tin.





Introduction: How to Make a Airsoft Bb Holder Out of a Jones Soda Candy Tin.

I will show you how to make a airsoft bb holder out of a Jones soda carbonated candy. These are awesome candies and you should get some just for the flavor. on the lid it has some "testimonial" mine says, happiness never tasted so good. I originally made mine to hold BB's fr my Altoids tin bb gun shooter.

Step 1: And Now We Eat.

So you eat them, pass them out to friends, whatever.

Step 2: Fill

Put the BB's into the container. A funnel won't really work to well. I know that this is short, whatever.

Step 3: Paint

Now you get to paint the container however you like, mabye even camo. An altoids tin paint job, would just be hurtfull to the can. You would be saying, I wish you looked like an altoids tin, STUPID!



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    I'm not quite sure why you need to make an intractable for this...

    I applaud you for making an instructable. I don't know how on earth to do it. May I make some constructive suggestions? First, explain what an airsoft BB is What BB and Airsoft stand for. Second, if you have two words that start with a vowel, a consonant is put on the first letter- a airsoft="an airsoft "(just as "a apple" would be "an apple "etc.) Correct grammar will give your instructable a more credible look and better chance to be a winner.

    "How to make a airsoft bb holder out of a jones soda candy tin." Step 1. Put the BBs in the container. Step 2. That's it.

    I make a altoids smalls blowgun, and store both BB's and the barrel inside.

    OMG i didnt know they made candy!

    I've been lookin' for them for mooonths.

    This shouldn't be titled "How To Make an Airsoft BB Holder Out of a Jones Soda Candy Tin", it should be called "Put BBs in a container."

    You know, you could turn this good. If it held to the side of an airsoft, then you might have something.

    how can I edit an instructable, I will definatly do this!!!

    well, go into your home, go to your instructable, and hit the little orange word that says edit.