Picture of How to make a altoid grill!
All you need is: pencils or metal bars (bars more safe), altoid can, high quility glue like gorilla glue, and a candle. Here is a video:

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All you need is: pencils or metal bars (bars more safe), altoid can, high quility glue like gorilla glue, and a candle.
unpicky7 years ago
if anyone says that graphite is flammable again. please come over so i can slap you in the face. sure the wood around the pencil is but not the graphite
lucek unpicky7 years ago
I was going to refute you but no your more right. graphite will burn (like how diamonds wold burn) but "very flammable" that's just wrong.
Rotten194 lucek6 years ago
Diamonds don't burn, they go up in smoke, e.g. vaporize.
where do u get diampnds
lucek Rotten1946 years ago
depends on your definition of burning. they don't just vaporize except in a halogen free environment, they do undergo combustion every where els. the difference is the fact that the latter changes the chemical composition from pure carbon to CO2, CF4, CCl4 etc. now the reaction produces less energy then is required to maintain the reaction so you could claim diamonds don't burn like wood, or paper but by my definition they do burn.
unpicky lucek7 years ago
graphite is made of carbon and has no hydrogen bonds, you need hydrogen and oxygen to burn.
lucek unpicky7 years ago
no you don't. how dose magnesium burn then? or aluminum powder? there is no hydrogen so by your theory they shouldn't burn.
unpicky lucek7 years ago
that uses very high temperatures, magnesium burns at like 3,000 F. it would take very high temperatures to ignite the graphite and a grill couldn't do it.
lucek unpicky7 years ago
yes and if you look back I said "graphite will burn (like how diamonds wold burn)" then you replied eroniously "you need hydrogen and oxygen to burn."
you don't need hydrogen to burn. just oxygen. combustion is adding oxygen. *thank you, 7th and 10th grade chemistry!*
you kneed one of the halogens, Examples of this includes fluorine and chlorine in the gaseous state, and bromine in the liquid state.
lucek unpicky7 years ago
all nonnobal gases will react with an Oxidizing and not all Oxidizing contain oxygen. fluorine and chlorine in the gaseous state, and bromine in the liquid state will act as Oxidizers.
well i wouldnt cook on pencils..... or would i?
would i?!!!
kylekosan234 years ago
glue will melt ya know and im pretty shure this wont work
Wood, graphite, paint, glue, coated aluminum, wax, fire: seems safe to me!
Flipyap5 years ago
i would recommend not using pencils, because of the lead inside
Pencils have not had lead in them since like the 1920s, they have graphite now.
the wood would sorry forgot to specify.
It is graphite. But, yeah the pencils would burn.
zcruizen5 years ago
i wouldn't recommend using pencils because they're made of wood and might catch on fire
Yo mark "dimond" get a better microphone but good idea. BTW if they ever make a pendragon movie i want u to be in it :)
haha i just started reading that series. i agree.
ok... first of all, you can get a safe metal to cook on at the store..... or recycle it from various stainless steel peices. Knives that get thrown away is one example... if you want to permanently attach the metal to the altoids tin, there is a method used in 3rd world countries that is effective but VERY DANGEROUS !!!! Use a step down transformer to get a high current source. attach one wire from the coil to the altoid tin, then use the other lead to touch the joint where you want to weld it. again... this method is probably as dangerous as wading into a lagoon full of hippos. another method would be to find stainless steel support wire or something. Poke holes either side of the altoid can and thread the steel wire through.... To reduce off-gasses from the altoid tin heating up, you could place it in a very hot fire till it glows bright red, then dunk the thing in water... I dont know how effective the hardening would be... but anyways... i'f i get around to constructing a healthier version, i'll post it! (i just have to finnish the altoids first!)
twenglish17 years ago
pencils?? WTF!!!!!
glu?? WTF!!!!!
and pencils WTF!!!
Obsessive7 years ago
Why in the hell would I grill anything on pencils?!
YUMM Graphite or lead or whatever they make pencils out of....
graphite but UMM...... i mean YUM....... lol
Why the hell not? Gives it a nice smokey flavor...
uhhhhh i dont know.... =P
I once caught a pencil on fire, it exploded and burned a hole through my shirt. Even if the pencils don't explode (and I don't think they will) the wooden pencils would burn all of the way through except for the graphite. And then what's left of the pencils would break under the weight of whatever your roasting. So seeing that the pencils wouldn't even work, I don't think you should even mention them. Candles also leave a sooty residue on things above them, so you should make sure that your candle is non toxic or else you may be making your food poisonous. And also, the heat area over a candle is very small. So unless you are constantly moving the piece of meat around over the candle, it will only cook in a small area. It may be possible to fix this by placing a metal plate an top of the bars, and then placing to food on top of that .
HI!6 years ago
it's definetly portable....
awang86 years ago
The only reason I'd use metal is because it doesn't snap (easily). Boy I'm alot of brackets these days...
Kilsmer6 years ago
Did you actually use paint for these diagrams?
zrune186 years ago
yea cmon people graphite isnt flammable!!! the wood is graphite has some charcoal in it so it is not flammable!!
NeonLime7 years ago
Show A Video Of This Working. And Pencils? :l Your Gonna Get Somebody Killed In A Fire... Wood, Graphite, Not Good Tasting Food & A Fire Starter..
also wouldent the glue burn off
Ive Tried To Melt Super glue And It Didn't Work. If It Was Hot glue From A Hot Glue Gun; Yes
I don't mean to be mean, but why the hell are you typing like that?
I love Using Capital Letters on Nearly every Word Too!


again< super glue and most other glues are highly flammable!
just so you know, "melting" super glue produces cyanide
Bahaha id love the see the expression on Neon's face.
thank you
Undergroundoga (author)  NeonLime7 years ago
Thats what I said. use iron bars there more safe!
than why did you even mention pencils the graphite is very flammable
graphite is not flammable
unpicky7 years ago
has anybody in here been in chemistry or earth science? graphite is carbon and will not hurt you if you eat it, and you wont change it into some deadly poison by putting it over a flame! there is NOTHING toxic in a normal #2 wood pencil. you could eat one and be perfectly fine! *but i still agree it would be stupid to grill with pencils lol
OOOOK. First of all, the bars need to be held in place mechanically if you don't want food poisoning. Secondly, they need to be stainless steel. Thirdly, I would make a stand for this and put some kind of butane burner made of steel contained in a separate unit to give the flame. Some candles contain lead which again can give you food poisoning. And like NeonLime said graphite+fire=danger. Noooo pencils. they would simply burn and if you did manage to cook on them, you would get food poisoning.
graphite is just carbon and wont change from some fire, you could eat a pencil and be perfectly fine. there is nothing in a pencil that is toxic. but it's still a stupid idea to grill on it
yourface1017 years ago
ok, let me rename it:"how to make an altoids deathtrap"
Oooh, catchy. :)
ultrauber7 years ago
I LOVE cooking my daily anchovy on burning pencils!
miniman9807 years ago
very cool idea, i want to try it! would paper clips work? and you could avoid the glue issue if you hooked the paper clips around and maybe soldered them cook mini marshmallows!!!!!!!!!!
Tailslvr7_77 years ago
I don't understand. You're pictures are not very good, and it's confusing.
Sgt.Waffles7 years ago
You REALLY want to cook food on coated aluminum?
I would take some Tin foil to put into the tin so it would be safe.
gmjhowe7 years ago
Actual pictures would be good, tho the diagrams are done quite well!
Yes, I agree. Though most video recorders (like the one you have at the start) have a "Still Frame" feature.
littlewit7 years ago
good idea, lets see it built
ski5397 years ago
did you even try making this?! You should actually try to finish making this and add some pictures. but besides that its a great idea.
cprocjr7 years ago
take pictures plz.
twenglish17 years ago
the elmers won't bond metal gorilla glue might but i recommend epoxy
Kiteman7 years ago
Can I suggest that you unpublish this until you have had a chance to do it for real and take photos?
Also, add this to the Pocket-Sized contest! Promise I'll vote!
Undergroundoga (author)  YummyPancakes7 years ago
nrclark7 years ago
This is sort of a nice idea, but I'm not 100% it would actually work well to cook on. Have you tried this out? It might work better if you used something more temperature resistant than elmer's glue and something which provided a little more heat than a tea candle. Maybe try an Esbit or something similar.
I've melted chocolate in a chocolate fondue set that just has a tea candle.
Although the exact melting point varies based what kind of chocolate you're talking about, chocolate melts at approximately 100 degrees Fahrenheit. You've got to figure that there is some heat loss to the surrounding environment, but I would bet that even the hottest spot of your fondue set isn't above 150 degrees, tops. Probably well below that. I've done a lot of experimentation with various backpacking stoves, and I've never been able to come up with a design that would even boil a mug of water within a half hour or so, even with all of the heat from the candle's burn channeled onto the cooking vessel. If you imagine what it would be like to grill something on top of a pot lid covering some boiling water, this would be essentially that much heat except concentrated on a small point above the flame and probably much cooler near the edges of this 'grill'. Additionally, what would you grill in an altoids tin? A sardine? A vienna sausage?
It's a ceramic fondue set, it was just standard cooking chocolate buttons. It melted. But I'll agree, it's not enough to cook it, and neither do I think it would be very safe.
nrclark nrclark7 years ago
As a side note, plenty of backpacking stoves about this size work very well, but none of them run on tea candles. 5 or 6 tea candles packed together under a small pot could probably boil some water or cook small items, but that would be with many tea candles and probably a heat spreader. And even so, a "grill" would be a pretty far cry from that - one might expect the surface temperature of a grill to be on the order of 350 degrees or so. If you tried to cook on this altoids grill, what would probably happen you would knock it over because its balance would be rickety at best. Assuming you didn't, you would wind up with a small burn spot on your food right above the candle flame and the rest of it would be raw.
gmjhowe nrclark7 years ago
You can cook a pancake on a baked bean tin with a tealight.
mikeasaurus7 years ago
metal more safe
Would love actual pictures, but nice idea. I don't think pencils (as mentioned in the first sentence) would work too great.
you think pencils and fire work well together?
cool. you should have actual pix, but still great
Kevvixx7 years ago
I like the idea, but I would like some pictures of the real thing.
Awesomely awesome! Can't wait to try it. My grandpa eats Altoids like they're candy (well, they're breath mints... close enough!)
Brennn107 years ago
Do you have any images of the finished product? That would be awesome, I really like the idea.