Bag made out of 3 recycled plastic bottles

Step 1: Materials


3 plastic botttles

5 m of rope

Step 2: Cut the Bottles

Cut the bottles

Step 3: Make Holes

Make holes

Step 4: Join the Three Bottles With the Rope

Join the three bottles with the rope

Wow! Great job. I always love recycled projects, this turned out awesome!
<p>Great idea, simple ideas are the best</p>
You should use some type of tape on the plastic edge so it's not to rough and feels like it cutting in you
<p>Otro proyecto que me encanto! Salio bello!</p>
Gracias Tina
I cannot wait to make this. What kind of bottles did you use? I'm not familiar with this shape. Thank you, Macsgirl
Thanks!<br>The bottles are from mineral water Sol&aacute;n de Cabras<br>http://solandecabras.es/nuestros-productos/aguas/
<p>Thanks Coolloom</p>
<p>Looks great. On another thought ou may want to add a sliced pool noodle or foam insulation sliced in half on the exposed edge to make it not so sharp.</p>
Thanks Celtie,<br>That was my first idea. I thought to make a crochet line around it, or apply some material. But the edge was not so sharp.<br>Anyway, I love when someone gives me this kind of idea. That means that I was inspiring you to improve my idea.<br>I just want to inpire, you can do it better than me.<br>Un abrazo <br>Rosa
<p>That looks really good and it is recycling too.</p>
Thanks. I love recycling

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Bio: I love creating objects out of recycled material
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