How to Make a Balcony Bench





Introduction: How to Make a Balcony Bench

Want to add some comfy lounge-type seating to your balcony or outdoor space? Make a bench using plastic storage bins as the base, plywood and reed fencing material.

Complete resource guide for this project is available at:

Step 1: Make a Base With Plastic Bins

For the base of the bench, I used 4 plastic storage bins - They come in many different heights and sizes so you need find some that will work for your balcony. This is a great way to keep construction down to a minimum and also gives you some long term storage if you need it. Just make sure that you pick bins that have a solid top like this to keep the water out. I arranged them to give me an L-shaped bench.

Step 2: Add the Top of the Bench

For the top of the bench, I’m placed ½” plywood on top of the bins.  It comes in 2x4 sheets and you can get them cut to the dimensions you need at the hardware store. I cut each piece to measure 24" x 32". Waterproof the plywood.

Step 3: Hide the Sides of the Bench

Hide the sides with panels made from reed fencing or lattice, attached to the plywood with a staple gun. The step-by-step process of making the side panels can be seen in this video, starting at 5m 8s

Finish with corner molding and add some cushions.



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    Amazingly simple & inexpensive yet beautiful & functional. Love this!

    Well done! This will be my project for the weekend. Thanks for sharing!


    Thanks and you're welcome! Have fun making it!