Picture of How to make a basic upholstered ottoman
In the latest issue of Home-Dzine Online (  I show you how to make an ottoman in different styles: A basic square upholstered ottoman and a circular ottoman. The ottoman design featured below is the easiest ottoman to make and you can easily assemble and upholster in a day.
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Step 1: You will need

Let’s start off with a basic square or rectangular ottoman. The ottoman shown above is assembled as two separate sections; the cushion is simply a piece of foam wrapped in thin batting and covered in your choice of fabric.

The ottoman in this project is 500 x 500mm wide and 400mm high. You can easily adjust the width measurement to make a larger ottoman.

1 of 16mm BisonBord 500 x 500mm
2 of 16mm BisonBord 200 x 500mm
2 of 16mm BisonBord 200 x 468mm
1 of 1,8 metre PAR pine 44mm wide
Pack of 16mm screws
Pack of 4 x 40mm smooth shank cut screws
Piece of high density foam 100mm thick
and 500 x 500mm - if you can’t find 100mm
thick foam, use two pieces of 50mm thick
Thin batting
4 feet - or make your own with blocks of pine
Drill/Driver plus assorted bits
Staple gun and 6 or 8mm staples

Step 2: Assemble the base

Picture of Assemble the base
To make the base for your ottoman attach the two longest side sections to the top with angle braces and 16mm screws.

Make sure you place the screw tip in the exact centre of the hole in the brace, or it will not be straight.

Step 3: Adding the sides

Picture of Adding the sides
Add the smaller side sections in the same way and then add angle braces up the sides to secure.

Make sure to leave enough room for mounting the foot battens below.

Step 4: Attach the feet battens

Picture of Attach the feet battens
Using a piece of 44mm wide PAR pine, place this over one corner of the box and use a pencil to mark the underside for cutting.

These will be support battens for the feet. If you are adding larger feet you will need a wider batten.

Screw the battens in place through the outside using 4 x 40mm smooth shank cut screws.