In the latest issue of Home-Dzine Online (http://www.home-dzine.co.za/Home-Dzine-Online/HDO-latest.htm)  I show you how to make an ottoman in different styles: A basic square upholstered ottoman and a circular ottoman. The ottoman design featured below is the easiest ottoman to make and you can easily assemble and upholster in a day.

Step 1: You Will Need

Let’s start off with a basic square or rectangular ottoman. The ottoman shown above is assembled as two separate sections; the cushion is simply a piece of foam wrapped in thin batting and covered in your choice of fabric.

The ottoman in this project is 500 x 500mm wide and 400mm high. You can easily adjust the width measurement to make a larger ottoman.

1 of 16mm BisonBord 500 x 500mm
2 of 16mm BisonBord 200 x 500mm
2 of 16mm BisonBord 200 x 468mm
1 of 1,8 metre PAR pine 44mm wide
Pack of 16mm screws
Pack of 4 x 40mm smooth shank cut screws
Piece of high density foam 100mm thick
and 500 x 500mm - if you can’t find 100mm
thick foam, use two pieces of 50mm thick
Thin batting
4 feet - or make your own with blocks of pine
Drill/Driver plus assorted bits
Staple gun and 6 or 8mm staples

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