Picture of How to make a beach umbrella
If you're going to the beach, you're going to need a way to escape from the cruel sun!  Here are directions that can help you build your own shade-supplying beach umbrella!
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Step 1: Tools and Supplies

Picture of Tools and Supplies
For this project you're going to need:
-A bamboo pole (7+ ft.)
-9 Wooden dowels (mine are 4 ft. long)
-A Hacksaw
-A PVC coupling that can slide on the bambboo comfortably
-A Power drill
-Some strong, thin wire
-A long bolt or screw (around 4-5 inches)
-12 Eye hooks
-A screw for the umbrella top
      -A washer that fits the top screw
-Sturdy cloth (at least 5 or 6 yards)
-A sewing machine with thread
-A needle for hand sewing

Step 2: Cut your poles

Picture of Cut your poles
First you'll need the right length of poles.  Now, you can use any length you prefer, but wanting adequate shade I went for a:
7 ft. pole, with
4 ft. spokes

Cut the top (the thick end) of the bamboo just above a joint, so you have a solid end, and cut the bottom end at a sharp angle.  This will be your umbrellas main mast.
Then take 3 of your 9 dowels and cut them in half for a total of
6 4ft. spokes, and
6 2ft. spokes

Step 3: Drilling and Filling

Picture of Drilling and Filling
Drill the ends of the 2ft. lengths and screw in an eye hook for each end.  These will be the pieces that hold up the main spokes of the umbrella!  Also drill a hole into the center of the bamboos flat end.  This will be for the stabilizing top screw.

Then, drill 12 small holes in a circle on the top of the PVC coupling, and two larger holes on the front and back of the center.  This will be the umbrellas slider, so keep that long bolt with it for now.
yasirafzal3 years ago
The project looks really nice, will try it over the weekend.

kanthony13 years ago
AmmUnique4 years ago
What kind of cloth did you use? And what kind of cloth would you suggest? Also did you spray it with any kind of protection?Thanks for the info..
rimar20004 years ago
Good work. But that umbrella seems rather loose...
Mrklrmrk (author)  rimar20004 years ago
The canvas was acting really stiff earlier, but has since stretched out nicely and the umbrella can open up. I plan on drilling another hole higher up, which will open the umbrella more and make it tighter. So it was just an issue of fabric choice on that. :)