How to Make a Bentwood Ring (wooden Ring Made From Veneer) Videos





Introduction: How to Make a Bentwood Ring (wooden Ring Made From Veneer) Videos

In this video series I will show you how to make very strong and durable wooden ring made from veneer with very little tools.



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Kool, I lost my silver wedding ring, this makes a good replacement.

These look great. How long does it usually take you to make one ring?

These are awesome! Looks like some of these are thinner than 10mm. What is the thinnest you would make one of these? And what are the glues that you use in the gluing and sealing steps?

I make my rings thick from 2mm to 3mm. I make my rings in widths from 4mm to 15mm. The glues I use are Loctite CA glue (superglue). I use one in gel form for gluing up and in liquid form for finishing. You can use other CA glues but my advice is to avoid cheap ones as they do not glue very well.

I agree with you about the cheaper CA... I've learned the hard way to avoid those. (and a couple projects got screwed up - I was so mad at the time)