Step 12: Sew the Band to the Skirt

I use my overlocker for this step, but when I don't have an overlocker available I use a zig zag stitch on a regular sewing machine. With the stretch t-shirt fabric on top and the skirt fabric on the bottom stretch the t-shirt fabric from one pin/seam to the other so it matches up evenly with the skirt fabric, then sew in place. Remove the pins and repeat with the other side. When you have sewn the band on the finished skirt will have a slight gather where the skirt meets the band - this will disappear when the skirt is on the body and the band is stretched over the hips/waist.
<p>Great Instructions I am going to make this for a friend and will post pictures when I have done, was looking for a pattern as I normally make curtains and blinds but wont need a pattern now Thanks :)</p>
<p>The 3 metres how are you measuring that? Is it diagonally? I'm trying to figure out how much yardage to buy. I love the skirt. I want to make more than 1. Also I would like to make it more narrow.</p>
<p>Finally!!! I found what I was looking for. I searched all over YouTube...looking for a Video. Almost gave up before I came across this. Thanks a lot!!!</p>
Great Instructable! I'm going to try it very soon!
Thanks so much for the tutorial! I'm not used to sewing garments, so simple pieces are great. This is how my skirt turned out.
Thank you for this instructable. I have already made my first skirt from it and it was so easy! I will for sure be making more.
its the worst<br>
why did you say &quot; its the worst&quot; how did your's turn out
AWESOME! Exactly what I was searching for! I've got to make some skirts as Christmas Presents and this is the perfect pattern :) Thanks so much!
Ingenious!&nbsp; Love the waistband idea... waistbands are my pet peeve, normally, and this will totally make it not suck!&nbsp; Thanks for the wonderful tutorial!&nbsp; Will be making on one as soon as I can find some good, slinky linen:)&nbsp; YOU&nbsp;ROCK!!
I&nbsp;thought this was great Instructable. I professionally sew and thought you really explained things well for a beginner. I thought your use of graphics on top of pictures was great.<br />
This is a really great tutorial. I've been trying to learn how to cut on the bias for a while. This is greatly appreciated. Thanks!<br />
I have saved this tutorial- what a simple way to make the skirt!! Thanks so much for the tutorial!!!
I think this would make a wonderful pregnancy skirt or at least for the early pregnancy and post-partum
Hey this is great. I have so much interest in making my own stuff. I appreciate these instructions, very clear and easy to follow. Makes tailoring interesting. Good job, instructables!!
Nice pics, clear instructions, good amount of info. Great instructable!
Is there a rule of thumb as to how wide the bottom of the skirt should be in proportion to the top?
It really depends on the fabric you are using and the effect that you want, the greater the difference between the top and the bottom the fuller and waifier the skirt looks, and if you have less of a difference the skirt ends up looking more like a straight skirt with a bit of a fish tail flair at the bottom. If you wanted to you could go all the way out to the edge of the fabric for a really full skirt.
Wonderful tutorial, great pictures! Looks easy and quick. I'm going to make one of these this weekend. Thanks
Thanks very much - it is my first tutorial so I am glad you like it :) I'd love to see your results.
That looks great, and easy! It's on my "to do" list. Of course, I'm now coveting your serger. ;)
Thanks, it really is easy, I can make one of these in about half an hour now that I have had a bit of practice - and the serger does make it really quick and easy :)
Oh, I envy you women who can sew well. I wish I had learned. Great job! Thanks for sharing.
Thanks, you're welcome :) No need for envy, I bet there is an instructable on how to use a sewing machine on here somewhere, never too late to learn :)
Great job! What program did you use to put the words in the picture, that's great!
Thanks! I used phtoshop to put the words in.
On you, does your skirt sit at your waist or below?
It is a little hard to tell in that pic because I have a black top on as well and it sort of blends in, but the top of the stretch band is at my natural waist (which on me is quite high - just above my top finger tip in that pic) and the top of the stripy skirt part is on my hips. Depending on how I feel on the day I wear them either as it is in the pic (probably my preferred) or higher with the skirt part sitting at my waist and the band rolled over, or low on my hips with the band rolled over, all three work comfortably.

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