We had to improvise a sery of lamps for the annual design school exhibition of 2010. We came up with an idea of a very big dôme shiny blue inside and mate black outside. But how to produce over 20 giant lamps in only 2 weeks? Here is the solution we found :

Step 1: Trash Can

First, we found a big trash can. A kind of big cardboard sonotube. This seemed perfect to create a vacuum chamber.
<p>These are great!</p>
<p>very nice! Good job!</p>
Sam,<br>Do you have any idea what the Melting point is? I've been searching for this method for awhile.<br><br>thanks,<br>Zapp
Sincerely, the figure out the melting point with my eyes. When the sheets gets about 3 cm under the frame, it is time to start the vacuum. PET is easy to work this way. Unlike other plastics.

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