This 16 foot long earthworm/bicycle was raced in the Davis Deadly Derby VI with Team Worm Bin (Me, Clara, Jenny, Bobby, and Rezz). We got third place out of 10 teams! It's support frame is 3 inch PVC pipe, the skin is from burlap sacks, and stuffing is straw. It weighs about 35 lbs, cost about $40 to build (not including bike), and was 6 hours in the making. Clara and Jenny had dung beetle costumes and compost bins (cardboard) were zip tied on some bikes.

Step 1: Plan the dimensions

I had a 14 foot length of PVC pipe that someone drove a truck over, so I got it free. 14 feet long was the basis for the dimensions. How wide should a 14 foot earthworm be? I sketched a worm on a piece of paper and decided a one foot diameter worm would look right. Don't plan too much though. Just start building!!!

Image from Ms Peck's 2nd grade class

Is it safe to ride this thing near gigantic birds?
I think I would jump off and let the worm fend for itself!
What does it do for us?
Worms can turn diverted kitchen waste into compost that can fertilize your garden or potted plants and reduce methane production in landfills. Worms Rock!
Be careful when heating the pvc not to burn it as it can release harmful gases, excecute this step in a well ventilated area for health reasons. <br>
Yes, for sure, I didn't mention that. I think it smells so much most people will realize it might be bad.
Looks like a giant turd.
Many people thought it looked like a giant _ _ _ _ _! Groups of young males usually yelled it out a car window.
My parents own a bait shop. Could you waterproof something like this and make a mount to attach it to the roof? Hmmmmm....I may have to try it. Maybe make a big fake hook to impale the worm with!! Could be fun. Thanx for the instructable.<br>
This design is fast and cheap, so I think you should try it (if you have a free PVC pipe and burlap sacks). For outside use you could put garbage bags inside the burlap before stuffing the straw, then paint the burlap. If you have a decent budget, cover it with fiberglass and then paint it!
Definitely something to thing about. I'm not sure how much fiberglass it would take to create a 8' to 10' worm. My Pops wouldn't want to keep it on the roof all winter so I'd have to downsize it a bit for winter storage. Thanx for the idea and have a great day. Swiz
you just made my day! :)
I really don't understand???
It's art!
But will it catch on in the &quot;Tour de France?&quot;
It may look like a delicate parade float. But it's tough enough to race!
Silliest, most useless, impractical instructable EVER!<br><br>I love it! It's gorgeous!<br><br>Mike <br>Maker of the Ball of Death<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Ball-of-Death-or-How-I-Learned-to-Stop-Worrying-an/
This weekend in Davis<br> <div class="media_embed"> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYzMs-OqADE&amp;feature=player_embedded</div>
Fun Davis whimcycle parade video! But... but... I did not see the BikeWorm?! ;)
Oh, sorry, you are right, no bikeworm video! If I get one I'll post it later.
Absolutely absurd. The reason i love it.
Thanks Falco! I feel the same way.
this is... odd. but quite creative. you should enter in the Kinetic Sculpture Race.
Thanks for the comment! KSR often has water, sand, and/or mud bogs. With the skinny tires this worm racer is pure street!
i live near the original one in Humboldt County Califirnia. its one of the coolest events of the year.
For the Glory!

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Bio: I live in Davis, CA, USA. It's very flat here, so we ride bikes a lot and make our own fun.
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