How to Make a Bloody Skeleton


Introduction: How to Make a Bloody Skeleton

This is a good and easy prop to do.

Step 1: Supplies

Skull (got this one from party city 4 6.99)
bouncy ball
toilet paper
spray blood (got this one from wallgreens 4 about 3.00)
black paint & paint brush

Step 2: First

To make the eye get the bouncy ball, toilet paper, and glue. put the toilet paper in the glue and then on the ball. continue this until desired shape.

Step 3: Step 2

let eye dry and then spray blood on the skull

Step 4: Last Step

put eye in the socket and put blood on it and p a black paint dot on it.



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    how did you make the the skull ?or did you buy it and slap a peice of bloody toilet paper on it? just curious

    Just checking - are you going to get rid of your copied projects now?