Ever wondered what to do with a (grill) lighter once it was out of butane?

Now, I will show you how can make a blow torch out of it, with only a small can of propane, an airsoft propane adapter, and a used, empty grill lighter.

Some lighters may not work.

Step 1: Supplies

You can get the airsoft propane adapter from Amazon.com or Evike.com, or Airsoftgi.com

a lighter that has a long barrel is best, some may not work though.

camping propane can be bought at any sports-outdoors store.
So basically all you do is refil it with propane which burns hotter than butane?
Yes, and propane, if I am correct, is stored at a higher pressure too.
This has alot of potential.....if it were developed a bit more.
It works well enough for me!

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