How to make a blow torch using a lighter, propane, and an airsoft propane adapter.

Picture of How to make a blow torch using a lighter, propane, and an airsoft propane adapter.
Ever wondered what to do with a (grill) lighter once it was out of butane?

Now, I will show you how can make a blow torch out of it, with only a small can of propane, an airsoft propane adapter, and a used, empty grill lighter.

Some lighters may not work.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
You can get the airsoft propane adapter from Amazon.com or Evike.com, or Airsoftgi.com

a lighter that has a long barrel is best, some may not work though.

camping propane can be bought at any sports-outdoors store.

Step 2: Filling the lighter

Picture of Filling the lighter
hold the lighter so that the long part points down, get the bottle of propane with the adapter already screwed on, and jam the adapter's prong into the lighters butane inlet, as pictured.


the best way to see if it is filled is look in the fuel gauge or hole, and look for liquids streaming in. Propane, like carbon dioxide, stays liquid while compressed or very cold.

Try not to get the propane on you cause it gets so cold it burns you. (I learned the hard way...)

It is not my fault if you die or damage anything, blah blah blah.
Stan1y1 year ago
So basically all you do is refil it with propane which burns hotter than butane?
spartan711 (author)  Stan1y1 year ago
Yes, and propane, if I am correct, is stored at a higher pressure too.
chipper353 years ago
This has alot of potential.....if it were developed a bit more.
spartan711 (author)  chipper353 years ago
It works well enough for me!