Picture of How to make a bluetooth handset.
I had previously produced a guide to build a handset to connect to the phone via cable, but then I withdrew after discovering that they had several different connections from other terminals.
With this model eliminates these problems.
This realization is not very simple in some passages, but with a bit of dexterity and patience should be within the reach of most users.

To join the telephone handset to a telephone office, look at this guide.
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Step 1:

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An old telephone handset.
A Bluetooth headset.
Soldering iron, hot glue and the usual common tools such as drills etc..

Step 2:

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Open the phone by inserting a screwdriver into the hole where there is a cable outlet. Pry upward to
separate the two halves. You probably will break the latches, but this is not a problem.

Step 3:

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Disassemble all content.

Step 4:

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You should position the headset in the center, removing any pieces of plastic that bother.

Step 5:

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Now we need to extend the headset button to release it from the phone, I used an IR LED
an old remote control, and I glued on the headset button with a drop of Attak. the plan
support of the LED can grind crawl on sandpaper placed on a floor.

Step 6:

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Now measure the distance of the button, bring it on the phone and drill a hole with diameter
slightly larger than the LED.

Step 7:

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Do the same for the LED status of the headset, a hole of 4 mm is sufficient.

Step 8:

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Now comes the most difficult and delicate, you need to break up all the details of the headset. do this with
tweezers and gently using fine-tipped cutter. Try not to rip the wires and cut them if necessary
But take note where they are connected.

Step 9:

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Using very thin pieces of wire connections replaced the microphone, and headset jack
power. The wires should be skipped instead of directly on the original plots, or by a
come on old threads. This is necessary to extend the links to place them
to the right place. Let them go before soldering the hole where the jack is overlooked.
idrawupay20 days ago

Do you think it would be possible to add a ringer circuit to it?
glomscient1 year ago

Cool! I am planning to do this with a WWII candlestick microphone. I will probably need to add a seperate earpiece, though.

Sunny21023 years ago
How do you charge the battery?
anallie0 (author)  Sunny21023 years ago
In step 13 you can see the female jack to connect the power cable. in my case USB. :)
for a few $$ you could replace the stock battery with a much bigger one and it could go a month or more even with your daughter using without having to be recharged
got mine out of an old portable speaker. cheers for the idea :)
anallie0 (author)  Cyberscann543 years ago
good idea +1 :-)
definitely making this to go along with your office phone instructable :)
one thing i dont quite understand though. are you using that ir led as your button ?or is that serving another function?
anallie0 (author)  curious youth3 years ago
It serves only as an extension of the button. you can use anything.
ok then great. cheers.
Sermos3 years ago
Pretty cool! Have you thought about using Sugru to cover the hole and make it more flush?
He could have used a plastic piece, glued over the hole with a super glue, then sanded down flush. would have worked just fine.

nice build.

But by using black sugru, it would match the handset and blend very well.
Ah, smart idea! I dunno why I didn't think of that haha
agreed, could mold the sugru to be used as a protective cover for the jack too.
psicopato3 years ago
Nice idea, I had almost the same idea some years ago but to the car hands-free set.