How to make a boat out of craft sticks and a rubber band

Well, I was bored earlier, so I made a little rubber-band powered boat!
What you need-
-Craft Sticks(I used jumbo, 6" x 3/4" x 1/16")
-Normal school glue
-Scissors(Or something else to cut the craft sticks, My scissors are sharp)
-Rubber Band
Thats all!
It takes about an hour and a half-2 hours to make.

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Step 1:

Do what I did in the picture, set 2 craft sticks side by side(long ways), then put one on top to connect them.
I did that 3 times so i had 3 rows of them.
Once you do that, set the rows side by side(long ways), and place a craft stick in the middle to combine them to all one panel.

Step 2:

Picture of
Then, you need to get 2 craft sticks and on each one, put dots at the same spot(with a pencil) on both of them.
Then, before you glue them, make sure the rubber band can fit through it.
(Cut the rubber band in half 2 times so its short enough yet long enough..if that makes sense... :P)
Then, glue them on to the panel(see the picture)

Step 3:

Picture of
Then, see the smaller parts I have below? You need to make those.
They are 2 and a half inches long.
(I split over 15 of these things trying to cut the hole with scissors..XD and just the craft sticks!)

Step 4:

Now, with the smaller peices you made before, from the ends, half an inch in(and in the middle) put a hole. 
(I also split them doing this. 9 i think doing this. XD)
And after you put the hole, tie one end of the cut rubber band to the craft stick that is on the panel, and the other end in the hole of the small piece you made, then do the same for the other side.
Then, wait for it to dry, and there you go!
It doesn't go very far, it probably would if you used something else for the paddle, like a 2X2 inch long piece of wood, though.


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