Step 2: Strip Pencil

-Remove and throw away the tip by pulling it off

-Remove black lead restrictor by cutting it with scissors (see picture)

-Remove spring and set aside

-Remove eraser and lead and throw away

-Using scissors, remove the pocket clip, careful not to snap pencil, so it looks like the one in the picture

I customized mine by adding a 13 bb magazine and instead of the plastic piece i used the pencil clip you told us to cut off in the begining of the project
You could make a hole in the pen where the stick thing hits the BB. (at the top), and attach a tube from another mechanical pencil for a clip. When you hit the 1 BB another falls in its place. Eh?
mabey a magnetic tip to hold the bebe -if bebe is magnetic of course
Yes, a magnet would definitely hold the BB in, but would also hold the BB back. BB is hort for "Ball Bearing". Funny thing is I didn't realized this was what it stood for until a few years ago.
maybe an electro magnet could work because you could just kill the power to shoot.

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