Step 6: Test Fire

-Put bolt and firing pin assembly into housing with trigger in place

-Insert BB one of two ways
-One- Weak configuration. Cock gun with no BB at first, then roll BB down the end
so it goes from left to right: BB, trigger, firing pin
The advantages of this configuration is that it doesn't put as much stress on the
trigger therefore making it last longer.
The disadvantages are that you can't aim downward and the BB doesn't go as far
-Two- Power configuration. Open bolt then insert BB directly in front of firing pin. It
should go from left to right: trigger, BB, firing pin.
The advantages to this configuration is that you can aim downward without the BB
falling out and that it shoots farther

-When desired configuration is set, pull trigger downward. The BB should fire. Enjoy!

I customized mine by adding a 13 bb magazine and instead of the plastic piece i used the pencil clip you told us to cut off in the begining of the project
You could make a hole in the pen where the stick thing hits the BB. (at the top), and attach a tube from another mechanical pencil for a clip. When you hit the 1 BB another falls in its place. Eh?
mabey a magnetic tip to hold the bebe -if bebe is magnetic of course
Yes, a magnet would definitely hold the BB in, but would also hold the BB back. BB is hort for "Ball Bearing". Funny thing is I didn't realized this was what it stood for until a few years ago.
maybe an electro magnet could work because you could just kill the power to shoot.

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