Picture of How to make a 'bolt action' BB launcher out of a mechanical pencil
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Have you ever needed a BB launcher that is durable, compact, dependable, and effective but always get stuck with bad designs? No more! This BB launcher is cheap and easy to make and easy to maintain. Will cost only about $1!!
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Step 1: Assemble Materials

You will need:

-One BIC mechanical pencil

-One 'clicky' ballpoint pen

-A small piece of plastic (like an old school ID)

-One ¼” long, 2 mm diameter metal cylinder (see picture) I get mine from pens, cap guns, and nails


-Razor Blade

-Fast drying super glue (optional but suggested)
Billman10110 months ago
awesome , pure awesomeness
Blechmen4 years ago
is this even worth it because cutting the slit is not easy
stop spamming, nobody cares.
ishmal1103 (author)  Blechmen4 years ago
im not sure what you mean
if you mean the small trigger slit, you need that because otherwise, it won't fire
its like taking a trigger out of a gun, the slit is where the trigger goes

if you mean the bolt track, you NEED that, thats the whole unique point of this design, the bolt is where all the mechanisms are housed
Blechmen4 years ago
ya the bolt track
ishmal1103 (author)  Blechmen4 years ago
just make sure you dont cut your fingers (gloves?)
and use a sharp razor blade
Blechmen4 years ago
define lead restrictore
ishmal1103 (author)  Blechmen4 years ago
its the black thing in the picture
if you take the tip off the pencil, you get the black thing with a hole in it, led coming out of said hole
look at the picture
is this nick
ishmal1103 (author)  tylerhuntress4 years ago
yo whats up? how'd you know?
Bob9394 years ago
if you use a meccano screw you dont need to cut the hole thing out
ishmal1103 (author)  Bob9394 years ago
im not sure i know what you mean, explain.
what is a meccano screw?
Pointsman194 years ago
Great Job and other encouraging words of encouragement
Kaiven4 years ago
It is interesting how you almost reversed the design of regular pen guns. I would suggest using a more massive spring and maybe incorporate a slightly stronger trigger.
ishmal1103 (author)  Kaiven4 years ago
I thought about this while designing it. I went more for simplicity becasue chances are, people won't be able to obtain spring much stronger than this one. The same goes for a trigger. I've been looking around and haven't found much that's stronger
pretty cool!!
salomon19965 years ago
This is realy cool! cant wait to try it out! GOOD JOB! :D
ishmal1103 (author)  salomon19965 years ago
thanks dude!
your welcome!