hellow friends I am aman gupta and I am study in class 9 in st.joseph school machhalishahar and I am going to show you how to make a bootable pendrive on command promt

Step 1: Material Need

1.pc(personal computer)
2.windows setup
3.at least 4gb pendrive

Step 2: Open Cmd on Pc

(after type a step press enter key)
3.TYPE=list disk
4.TYPE=select disk #(as you want make bootable)
6.TYPE=create partition primary
7.TYPE=select partition 1
9.TYPE=format fs=fat32(warning ¢ this step delete all data of pendrive I am not responsible)
10.TYPE=assign letter=y
12.close =cmd
13.copy the windows setup files on pendrive

100%work in xp/7/8/8.1
Thanks for this useful stuff. Here is an typing error in first step. you typed &quot;deskpart&quot;<br>but it is actually &quot;diskpart&quot;<br>
<p>Very good, but you need to correct/change &quot;deskpart&quot; to &quot;diskpart&quot; -- to open the disk partition tool. You also might mention that the command prompt window can be found by clicking the Start button and typing &quot;cmd&quot; in the search box. Overall, pretty good.</p>
<p>This is cool! Do you type and do all this in the command prompt? </p>

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