Introduction: How to Make a Bouncy Egg.

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this will egg-splain (pardon the pun) to you how to easily make a bouncy egg using... an egg!

this is very simple and easy to do!

A friend showed me how to do this so I'm doing this on his behalf.

Step 1: Preparing the Egg

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Leave it, you need to do nothing to the egg at this point.

Step 2: Preparing the Equipment.

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Get a glass bowl that can fit the egg in it and still have room around it.

Now, plac the egg into the bowl

Submerge the egg in vinegar, completly covering the whole egg.

Leave overnight.

Step 3: What Happens?

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you will see that the egg has no shell but is in a ball shape, what has happened is that the vinegar has disolved the egg shell but has kept the tension in the egg.

you can add colour to it by putting the egg in honey, then in food colouring of any colour, making the egg change colour.

Step 4: WARNING!

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do not bounce the egg from to high or it will splat all over the floor... very messy!


Twinmum (author)2011-04-10

Did it really get to this stage overnight? My daughter and I have been experimenting using an empty shell segment, but two days later and the shell has gone, but the membrane is quite white. Wondering if it will ever go clear.

1073400 (author)Twinmum2017-12-11

you acually have to leave it there for 4-5 days

futureventions (author)Twinmum2011-04-29

It might depend on the acidity of the vinegar your using, a weaker one might take longer to dissolve the shell whereas a stronger one might take less time.
For me it took ovrnight so maybe you could experiment with different vinegars.

hide hedge hog hide (author)2015-12-03

hi I was just wondering do you boil it

you could use a boiled egg or a raw egg I tried it

burdockwing (author)2011-04-07

dude i've done this and that thing will break if you even poke it so i will make an instructable instructing how to make it completely safe to bounce :) be sure to check for the instructable in a while.

Thanks, plase notify me when you have done this. :)

Blastboy (author)2011-04-06

I remember this I did it when i was small, good for you for posting and instructable about it. :D

crapflinger (author)2011-04-05

just for clarification, what's keeping the "tension" in the egg is the inner and/or outer shell membrane. it's that bit that makes peeling hard boiled eggs really easy (when you boil them right) or really hard (when you boil them wrong)

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