Picture of How to make a bowl from a flat plank
This instructable will show how to make a bowl from a single plank of wood, using only a jig saw and wood glue, the bowl could be mounted on a lathe to clean it up but is not necessary. This is a great way to get a nice large bowl from a cheap piece of wood.

Step 1: Materials

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Materials and Tools:

-jig saw or bandsaw with a tiltable table.



-a plank of wood atleast a 1/2" thick

-a strong woodglue

-sand paper

-optional lathe

This was what gave me inspiration to make a fruit bowl cake. Obviously I compromised with material and tools. LOVE this site!!

ron.heuschele11 months ago

You show the saw set at a 45 deg. angle, but those look more like a 30-35 deg angle.

jfree14 years ago
Having seen my father work great things on the lather, bandsaw and jigsaw i can appreciate the time and patience involved with this. I wonder how well it would work if you created a wave in the bowl? If you labeled the pieces from the bottom 1,2,3... and you created a bit of a stepped pattern?
base -1 -2 -3-4 then put five glued under 4 to create a rim of sorts?
Great instructions! Got the mind moving for sure!!
peach_fart5 years ago
thats a scroll saw not a jigsaw. a jigsaw is the hand held saw with the blade that goes in and out
Looks like a hegna saw(or how ever you spell it) that we have in my d.t class at school
feltonite5 years ago
Another possibility, without cutting clear down the center line, is to just feed into the saw to the circle, and then glue the cut back together after the circle is cut.
agussutopo5 years ago
Good job event need a complicated tool. You also a master of relaxation
kleinjahr5 years ago
Nicely done. I noticed that you stacked the rings on top of each other, another method is to push each ring down into the preceding. Might be easier to center that way.
Very nice. I had been planning something like this for a while, only using a scroll saw. I think with the scroll saw I might get away with cutting all the rings whole, without halving first, by drilling very small starting holes.. Anyway, I like your bird feeder and method! I guess you can also do interesting things like alternate light and dark woods and things this way.
Jor2daje (author)  bongodrummer5 years ago
Thanks, and I think it could be quite easily done with just drill small holes to fit the saw blade through, I chose not to do this because my blades where to big so hole would be very noticeable. A thing to look out for if you do drill holes, is to make sure for the inner rings your drill the hole at the same angle your saw is set at.
laxap5 years ago
Great idea. Makes me think of a Fresnel lens. But here, reversed effect (giving volume to something flat).
canida5 years ago
Looks great! And I can't fault you on Step 8 - you've got just about everything you need. ;)
rimar20005 years ago
VERY INTERESTING! I am waiting since two years ago the opportunity to do something so. But I intend to do two sets of cuts, not necessarily inclined. That is, first I will cut two slightly different diameter disks, then I will cut them in concentric circles and interlayer them. Using this method one can make the sound box of a musical instrument, too.
lol i love your garden man