Many developing countries around the world use wood as their main source of energy. To be specific, over 3 billion people use wood as a resource to cook for their families. However, wood smoke in their house not only destroys the environment because of over forestation, but it causes major health issues as well. Indoor air pollution kills over 2 million people prematurely through different diseases like Pneumonia, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), and lung cancer. Additionally, instead of children going to school, they would spend the day searching for wood for their parents to cook meals.

As a class, we were taught that the sun is an extremely beneficial resource because the amount of heat it generates onto Earth every day. We studied different cases to determine what type of solar thermal cooker would be best for each client, then we decided what type of solar thermal cooker we wanted to cook with various restrictions (budget, time, resources, etc.) For this project, a majority of the materials we used are either free or really cheap. Not only will the sunlight be able to be converted into solar heat, it will also be able to concentrate it on a single point. 

Project made by: Melanie Jane P, Melissa J, and Dremiah A. Part of Period 3 Physics class of Kipp King Collegiate.

Step 1: Step One: Get Your Materials!

The following materials we used were: 
-1 cardboard box
-Aluminion foil & tape
-3 styrofoam boards
-crumpled paper
-1 piece of glass
-1 pipe

Tools used were:
-razor knife
-duct tape
-adhesive spray
-tamperature measuring gun

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