How to make a bracelet out of Starburst wrappers

Picture of How to make a bracelet out of Starburst wrappers
On the last day of school my friends and I were eating Starbursts and I thought that the wrappers could be used for something. I told my friends to try not to rip the wrappers when they took them off the candy. After school I had a ton of wrappers. I was messing around and figured out that if I folded them right I could make them into a bracelet. My friends love them and they look cool.

This is my first instructable so please tell me what I could do if anything to make my next one better.
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Step 1: Things you need

Picture of Things you need
You only really need two things to make a Starburst bracelet.

Lots of Starburst wrappers(only use ones that aren't ripped)

One safety pin

Step 2: Making a link

Picture of Making a link
Each wrapper is folded to make a single link then links are put together to form a chain. Before you start you should think of a pattern for your bracelet so it will look the way you want.

Picture 1:
start with a wrapper and try to smooth it out if it has any creases

Picture 2:
flip the wrapper so the color is facing down

Picture 3:
fold the outer edges in to meet in the middle

Picture 4:
then fold the wrapper in half

Picture 5:
fold the wrapper in half again

Picture 6:
then fold the wrapper in half so the edges meet

Picture 7:
open the last fold there is now a crease in the middle fold the edges in to meet at that crease

Picture 8:
you now have one link

Step 3: Putting it together

Picture of Putting it together
After you have made another link you must put them together.

Picture 1:
hold the first link so the open end is down then take another link and insert its two ends into the first link if done correctly then it should look like picture 2

Picture 3:
just keep adding links until the chain is long enough to go around your wrist but with a gap between the two ends that is as big as your safety pin
We made these out of gum wrappers when I was a kid (I'm 61 years young :) ! Just recently I remembered them & showed my grandkids how to make them. It's good to see that some of the really neat things are'nt lost forever even if they have been reinvented to fit a new genneration! I'm glad you put this on Instructables so more people can enjoy just one the many simple & free yet entertaining things that we did so many years ago!
Sign.ups4 years ago
How do u connect the two links?????
sammyanta5 years ago

Awsome instrucatable and everything but I still don't get it lol....The thing I don't get is how do you know where to put the starbrust wraper ....?

PS: Reply to me .....if you can help and thank you <3

woelfwynde5 years ago
I learned how to make this bracelet with chewing gum wrappers...which is the original way to make it. But, I guess any old candy/gum wrapper would do.

This looks especially good when you use the silver foil of the gum wrapper.
WOW!!! this is neat, I've never seen a bracelet like this before. Great instructable BTW !!!!
Rhonlynn6 years ago
I remember these,but forgot,how to do the exact fold. I have recently bought a ocin purse made like this. thanks!!!!!!!
Blacklight6 years ago
I remember this is like the first instructable I ever read and it was amazing! I made a starburst bracelet last night and this morning with wrappers backstage when I was doing the closing night of this school musical, and I guess people had been eating starbursts but were luckily too lazy to throw away the stinkin wrappers! I'm also glad I had a safety pin, because I didn't remember what it was that you use to finish the bracelet, but i'm glad I remembered right!
grimfig6 years ago
"This is my first instructable so please tell me what I could do if anything to make my next one better.". Well you can make your pictures a little less blurry.
grimfig grimfig6 years ago
If you can.
Dev5994 (author) 6 years ago
I really figured out how to do this by myself. im not saying im the first one ever to do this but ive never seen anyone else make them before. I DID NOT STEAL THIS IDEA FROM SOMEONE
grimfig6 years ago
I don't think you actually thought of that. Or did you???
EVERYBODY okay, not everybody, but a lot of people at my school do this. Well, actually, I don't go to that school anymore because I'm switching to high school, but still, a lot of people I know, they do this.
weretater7 years ago
OMG I'm the friend hes talking about! Woot! No I really am.
I used to make these when I had a Spanish independent study in high school. It was better than learning Spanish.