Step 2: Making a Link

Each wrapper is folded to make a single link then links are put together to form a chain. Before you start you should think of a pattern for your bracelet so it will look the way you want.

Picture 1:
start with a wrapper and try to smooth it out if it has any creases

Picture 2:
flip the wrapper so the color is facing down

Picture 3:
fold the outer edges in to meet in the middle

Picture 4:
then fold the wrapper in half

Picture 5:
fold the wrapper in half again

Picture 6:
then fold the wrapper in half so the edges meet

Picture 7:
open the last fold there is now a crease in the middle fold the edges in to meet at that crease

Picture 8:
you now have one link
We made these out of gum wrappers when I was a kid (I'm 61 years young :) ! Just recently I remembered them & showed my grandkids how to make them. It's good to see that some of the really neat things are'nt lost forever even if they have been reinvented to fit a new genneration! I'm glad you put this on Instructables so more people can enjoy just one the many simple & free yet entertaining things that we did so many years ago!
How do u connect the two links?????<br>
<p><strong>Awsome instrucatable and everything but I still don't get it lol....The thing I don't get is how do you know where to put the starbrust wraper ....?<br /> <br /> PS: Reply to me .....if you can help and thank you &lt;3</strong></p>
I learned how to make this bracelet with chewing gum wrappers...which is the original way to make it. But, I guess <em>any</em> old candy/gum wrapper would do. <br/><br/>This looks especially good when you use the silver foil of the gum wrapper.<br/>
WOW!!! this is neat, I've never seen a bracelet like this before. Great instructable BTW !!!!
I remember these,but forgot,how to do the exact fold. I have recently bought a ocin purse made like this. thanks!!!!!!!
I remember this is like the first instructable I ever read and it was amazing! I made a starburst bracelet last night and this morning with wrappers backstage when I was doing the closing night of this school musical, and I guess people had been eating starbursts but were luckily too lazy to throw away the stinkin wrappers! I'm also glad I had a safety pin, because I didn't remember what it was that you use to finish the bracelet, but i'm glad I remembered right!
"This is my first instructable so please tell me what I could do if anything to make my next one better.". Well you can make your pictures a little less blurry.
If you can.
I really figured out how to do this by myself. im not saying im the first one ever to do this but ive never seen anyone else make them before. I DID NOT STEAL THIS IDEA FROM SOMEONE
I don't think you actually thought of that. Or did you???
EVERYBODY <sub>okay, not everybody, but a lot of people</sub> at my school do this. Well, actually, I don't go to that school anymore because I'm switching to high school, but still, a lot of people I know, they do this.<br/>
OMG I'm the friend hes talking about! Woot! No I really am.
I used to make these when I had a Spanish independent study in high school. It was better than learning Spanish.

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