Picture of How to make a brief case from scratch with lock holes

Intro: if you think that brief cases can be a bit expensive then why not make your own

You will need

2 square sheets equal of wood to the size you want, 8 of the 2 by 4s that are as long as the sheets, a square screwdriver, 40 screws, hinges, brief case foam, a lock used on lockers, a handle super glue if you are permitted to use super glue if not then use other glue and a cordless drill with a bit

Step 1:

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screw the screws into the 2 by 4s with the hinges 2 on each end together
altomic3 years ago
uuummm........, nice font.
lemonie3 years ago
I can't see the thing that you made.

Kiteman3 years ago
No photos?