How to make a brief case from scratch with lock holes

Picture of How to make a brief case from scratch with lock holes

Intro: if you think that brief cases can be a bit expensive then why not make your own

You will need

2 square sheets equal of wood to the size you want, 8 of the 2 by 4s that are as long as the sheets, a square screwdriver, 40 screws, hinges, brief case foam, a lock used on lockers, a handle super glue if you are permitted to use super glue if not then use other glue and a cordless drill with a bit

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Step 1:

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screw the screws into the 2 by 4s with the hinges 2 on each end together

Step 2:

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2  then stack of 3 of the 2 by 4s on it’s thinnest thickness and screw then in with the middle one more standing up and more shown then do the same on with the other of the other sheets and 2 by 4s then you drill a hole at the second 2 by 4 in the middle on both of the 2 by 4s it needs to both be in the exact middle by length, then screw both of the blocks to the 2 by 4s with the hinges and then screw on a handle on the top of the brief case then cut a sheet of foam that fits in the brief case all the way around and glue it on.

Step 3:

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now your basicly done but if you want you can make it look more to what you expected if you want you can add to it

altomic2 years ago
uuummm........, nice font.
lemonie2 years ago
I can't see the thing that you made.

Kiteman2 years ago
No photos?

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