This seasons fashion must have is a floral skirt. I love the look of a bubble skirt and when I found a vintage floral sheet at a thrift store I knew it's destiny. I watched and read every bubble skirt tutorial I could find. After several trial and errors (2 completed ugly skirts) this pattern is what I find to be the best way to go about making a bubble skirt. It is a fairly simple sewing pattern. It does require a little extra time because part of it must be sewn by hand.

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Step 1: Materials

Sewing Machine
Needle and Thread
Measuring Tape
Safety Pins (2)
Pins (to your discretion)
Elastic (1/2 inch wide or wider)
Vintage Floral Sheet (or 1 yard of fabric. Half a yard might be enough)
Silky Fabric, 1/2 a yard should be enough

I didn't forget my first fav. I came back to vote for you. ;-)
lol. Thank you. This competition is really getting good now.
You're right. I was number 30 when I entered. Now all of a sudden there are 90 entries. Still though those are excellent odds for all of us who entered. Good luck. :-)
you make that adorable cape. How wonderful! Good luck to you too!!!
Yes I did. Thank you very much. I really enjoy seeing the entries like yours where you've made something from scratch on your own without a pattern or someone elses tut. I feel like it's a greater accomplishment. You know?
Agreed. Especially when it takes you multiple tries, lol.
Nice style !
Thanks ;)
I think you did great. This is my favorite of all the submissions so far. :-)
Awe! Thanks so much :)

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