Introduction: How to Make a Bulb ?

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The instructable is from this is a great instructable I salute its creator.This is not created by me but i shared it.

Step 1: You Will Need

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copper wire (thick)
Iron wire
Aluminium Wire
9v battery with connector

Step 2: Now U Can Built It

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First cut the copper wire into two lengths about 1-1/2 feet long. Cut off an inch of the shielding (plastic coating) at each end of the strands.

With a nail, drill two holes into the cork. Push the wire through the holes in the cork so that about two inches of the wire can be seen in the jar.

Make a hook at the end of the copper wires so that you can twist small strands of iron wire around them to make a filament.

Twist several strands of iron wire together and stretch them across the gap between the two copper hooks to form the filament.

Put cork stopper with filament inside the jar.

 Carefully hook up both copper wire ends to the battery and watch your bulb light up!

Be careful the filament becomes very hot. Do not touch.


blkhawk (author)2011-11-20

Have you done this project yourself? If you could reproduce this project and recreate this instructable with your own photos maybe you can convince us of the plausibility of making our own light "bulbs".

Avinash Sinha (author)blkhawk2012-03-01

Actually I do not have a camera.

blkhawk (author)Avinash Sinha2012-03-06

Then I can assume that you did not make this project yourself but copied from somewhere. That is called plagiarism. Maybe it was unintentional, but if you copied this from somewhere at least give credit to the source of the information.

Avinash Sinha (author)blkhawk2012-03-07

As u told i did and it was not my intension to do like this but if we get an idea why can't we share it and there were many options to share so i shared it

blkhawk (author)Avinash Sinha2012-03-08

I congratulate you for sharing the idea but you must link to the site where you got the idea and, write somewhere that this is not your original idea. It is dishonest to steal someone else's idea and present that idea as your own. Would you like someone else taking the credit for your work? How would you feel if someone steals your school work and gets an easy good grade of your hard work?

Avinash Sinha (author)blkhawk2012-03-09

I wrote it on the first page. Thanks for replying in a pleasant manner.

botho_cc (author)2011-09-26

Great experiment! I have to try this.
And I think this is the only instructable on making your own lightbulb. Why is that?

Avinash Sinha (author)botho_cc2012-03-01

As I was the only to share it first with complete information. I got the idea of it from net

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