How to make a burner stand for homebrewing out of recycled stools

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I noticed these metal stools from my classroom had some welds that were coming apart.  They were earmarked for disposal so that nobody hurt themselves sitting on them.  They were subsequently liberated from an ignominious end in the dumpster / scrap pile and re-purposed to build an awesome propane burner stand for homebrewing!  I made it at Techshop to practice my MIG welding.  



2 x broken metal stools from your local school district 
1 x replacement propane burner (cast iron, available at your local homebrew supply store)
1 x brass orifice
1 x combo regulator, propane hose, needle valve assembly
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Step 1: Cut and bend pieces from the stool, and grind down burrs/sharp bits

Picture of Cut and bend pieces from the stool, and grind down burrs/sharp bits
I used the combination of an angle grinder and hatred towards these stools to cut them into pieces.  This design calls for the use of 7 legs and 2 leg support circles, however you could make your own design that incorporates the metal from the seat.  I chose to scrap the seats because of the riveted masonite piece that I didn't feel like dealing with.  

Make sure you switch from a cutting wheel to a flap disc to grind down sharp bits from the old welds.  Secure with jigs/clamps so that you don't have an accident.  Safety first~!

Step 2: Cut legs to length

Picture of Cut legs to length
I cut the 4 main legs to 14 inches in length using a horizontal band saw.  The cuts were strategically placed to get rid of the weak spot where the old weld was cut, and to get rid of the curved bit near where the legs attached to the seat.

Step 3: Coping/saddle joint

Picture of Coping/saddle joint
I did these pipe saddle joints/coping in the most neanderthal way, which is to say I used the grinding wheel on the angle grinder.  If I was a smart man, I would have used the cold saw or the band saw the way this guy did: 


PKM2 years ago
This is a nice showcase of metalwork tools/techniques, and points for use of the word "ignominious" :)
NonDisjunction (author)  PKM2 years ago
you2 years ago
Something else to consider: the burner head, piping, pressure regulator and temp control from a discarded natural gas hot water heater. They're plentiful, have the basics for temp control, and can be plumbed for house nat gas w/out lp tanks, and of course they are free!