Step 4: Burn stuff!

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Put in 4 AA batterys in the battery pack, and fire it up! The laser dot is really bright. I like to shine it through my neighbors bathroom window and scare the crap out of him(not a good idea). But anyway have fun, be safe, and don't get caught.

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lis.tesla3 years ago
is there anywhere i can get one of those modules besides the internet
Not really. Cheapest is on ebay. Normally about $8. $5 plus $3 shipping.
Here's a link to great modules that have copper to act a a great heatsink.
3 for $16, so $5.33 each. And they are super fast shipping located in the USA,

im going try the diode from an original xbox dvd and games disc player it already worked when i added the plain 3 volts so i hope it works with the burning circuit.
when you open the cd/dvd drive of your laptop or computer you will see a small laser projector! That is called a cd laser.
Frowney0014 years ago
can you use a cd laser?
or will it not burn anything?