How to make a butterfly with recycled materials.

Picture of How to make a butterfly with recycled materials.
This is a project I did for a third grade class credit -  I needed to make something out of at least 3 recycled items. 

I was going to write this out - but my dad  suggested I make it an Instructables- so I did. 

Here are the items I used 

1) Egg Carton 

2) Empty Soda Stream bottle 

3) Old decorative tinsel 

4) Used drink cup 

5) Sequins from an old art project 

6) Buttons from a shirt 

7) Old can of spray paint my dad got from the re-use section of the local hazardous waste recycle area (free!) 

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Step 1:

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Stuff I needed for assembly :

Hot glue gun, Scissors, wire cutters and glitter glue.

Step 2: Cut the feet

Picture of Cut the feet
Cut the feet out of the egg carton with a pair of scissors

Step 3: Cutting wings

Picture of Cutting wings
cut out wings from drink cup.  Make them round and symmetrical by cutting them stacked on top of each other. 

Step 4: Paint

Picture of Paint
Paint the wings and the feet - be careful- this might get messy and stinky- do this in a ventilated area and get an adults help.  

Step 5: Glue stuff

Picture of Glue stuff
Using a hot glue gun can be dangerous - so I let my dad do this part.  Glue on the feet, wings, antennae and eyes.

Step 6: Add the bling

Picture of Add the bling
I decorated my bug with glitter glue to make it cool. 

Step 7: Done!

Picture of Done!
Here it is in its NEW home..... awwww cute!!!!
Hey, this is cute. You should set the first picture in your intro step, to the picture of your finished product. :D thanks for the share.