How to Make a Can of Soda Explode





Introduction: How to Make a Can of Soda Explode

I made a pop can pop!

Step 1: Step One

Live in up north (Rochester, NY for example).

Step 2: Now, Prepare the Can for Explosion

Leave it outside in the middle of winter (good idea, right?)


Step 3: Retrieval of Can

Now go outside and get the can...with any luck it'll look like mine did. Hoorah--water expands when it freezes!

--FYI, I didn't do anything to the can but move it to take pictures; this is how bent it was when i picked it up



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do you think that a soda can would expolde if you put it in a paint agitator (shaker thing they have at the hardware store) for long enough?

It might work. If it does rupture it probably will at the part where the tab is.
When i was younger, me and one of my friends tossed a plastic bottle of Sierra Mist back and forth untill it exploded... in my hands. It was quite dramatic, the lid shot off, it didn't hit me.

I was board one day and decided to kick a bottle of coke down a hill, it hit a rock and exploded

P.S. i found the bottle of coke and it hadn't been opened 

then why the hell didn't you drink it hobos with computers and good typing skills like me need that stuff to live don't waste

weird name. crazypoop? where did you think of that? was it a last minute name? not trying to sound rude. sorry if i am.

yep, last minute name indeed...but what is not to like about CRAZYPOOP!

Nothing. it just sounded like last minute, like mine. i just thought of what i like, add a number and BAM, a name!

just like that? in