The purpose of this project is to construct a low-cost can-organizer system out of cardboard in order to make efficient use of the limited space in my pantry and facilitate a first-in, first-out (FIFO) rotation schedule for canned goods with an expiration date.

Before you start you need to understand is that this project is a combination of both origami and geometry. You need to have a plan and your customized plan is ultimately determined by two things: the size of the canned goods you wish to store and the space available in your pantry.

Step 1: List of Materials

Here is your list of materials:

Corrugated Cardboard Box ( 48 x 36 )
Ruler (preferably metal)
Measuring Tape
Exacto Knife
Pizza cutter
Pencil (or pen)
Carpenter’s Square
Glue (either a hot glue gun or paper glue) or Duct Tape

I used a Large Mirror-pack from a recent move and it had enough cardboard to make three can-organizers. If you don't have one, a typical Large U-haul box is enough to make one.

<p>This looks really simple to build and the materials needed do not cost that much either. Thanks for sharing such a practical and cost-efficient can organizer for all of us to benefit from!</p>
I love your variable prep. In all seriousness it really is quite an enlightened way to view a project!
I love this idea but it's too early for my mind to compute lol..I will try to do this later though :)

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