How to Make a Capacitor





Introduction: How to Make a Capacitor

In this instructable I tell you how to make a capacitor your own. This is very easy to make. However it can use with 230v

Step 1:

You need
  1. Aluminum foil
  2. A4 sheet
  3. glue
  4. paper cutter
  5. tape

Step 2:

First cut 2 small strip of aluminum foil (about 2 x 15 cm )

Now get the A4 sheet and cut tow small strips (about 2.5 cm x 15 cm)

next, fall aluminum strip like in the picture

Step 3:

now past them

  1. paper
  2. aluminum
  3. paper
  4. aluminum

Now, roll it and past a tape.

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could you please create a video about it

sorry for late response. I'll make. But I think I'm too late.

i want the formula of motor starting capacitors like 80-110 uf and 138-182 uf and 200-250 uf and 250-300 uf and 300-400 uf and 400-450 uf and 450-500 uf....plz

You will need to either buy or salvage. You cannot build caps like that yourself. If you did, it would need to be about the size of an oil drum.

Cool! But Needs more explanation please. Put it to use to we can see how it can be handy

how does it work

depends on the size of it

Ok so what is your largest cap. so far? What was the size of it?

So, what is the capacitance of 1cm³ on avarage?