Picture of How to make a carbon windsurf boom
This story explains the method I used to make a 100% carbon windsurf boom.

Carbon windsurf booms nowadays are standard for race sails, but can often cost more than 1000 euro. Therefore I decided to try to make one myself for my Aerotech VMG 6.0 sail, using aerospace materials.

The result is a boom which is lighter and at least equally stiff compared to an industrially manufactured boom. Combined with one of the best boom heads available (Streamlined), it makes an incredibly stiff combination and a pleasure to sail.
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Step 1: Chipboard & nails

Picture of Chipboard & nails
The first step is to make a core.
I thought a bit about a foam core, but that would require a lot of shaping and sanding and eventually might be very fragile in the layup process.
To avoid this I developed a new method using glass fiber fabric, RT cure epoxy resin and a garden water pump hose...

The contours of the boom core are drawn onto a chipwood plate (or any kind of other scrap wood) Nails are hammered down into these lines with a spacing of about 2 inches. This "mould" and a tube which will fit between the nails is all that is needed to give the boom its shape.

Step 2: Tubes

Picture of Tubes
The tube I used was a flexible hose with an inner diameter of 25 mm. The tube is cut over its entire length using a knife. This is necessary to be able to insert the glass fabric later on.
Also needed is a 12 mm silicone inner tube which is provided with fittings at both ends. This inner tube will be pressurized.
Both tubes are treated with release wax.

All the mould parts are now ready. The next step is to make the glass pre-preg for the core.

Step 3: Glass fabric & epoxy resin

Picture of Glass fabric & epoxy resin
For the glass pre-preg a large table is covered with a foil. A glass layer (200 gr/m2) of about 140 mm wide is rolled out over the foil. A two component epoxy is mixed and poured onto the glass. The resin is spread out using a squeegee.
priono4 years ago
are you cutting into your hands everytime you do a dug jibe?
Beautiful work, and workmanship.

My only comment would be that, working in an aerospace R+D department is cheating ;-)

How is a normal user going to cook this thing ! its huge !