Step 10: Carbon fibre pre-preg lay-up

The carbon fibre pre-preg I used is a carbon fibre fabric with the epoxy resin already impregnated. This material must be stored in a freezer and is cured at 130C. It is an aerospace material which was left over from a R&D project (Material code: MTM44-1: http://www.advanced-composites.co.uk/PSG_Electronic_Files/Aerospace_PSG_Files/outofautoclave.html

The big advantage of this material compared to a wet lay up (as used for the glass core) is the tackiness of the material and its open time. This makes the lay-up far more easy and less stressful as the pre-preg only starts to cure when it is heated to 130C.

I cut 11 cm x 120 cm strips of pre-preg (0/90) and laminated three full layers onto the glass core.
are you cutting into your hands everytime you do a dug jibe?
Beautiful work, and workmanship.<br> <br> My only comment would be that, working in an aerospace R+D department is cheating ;-)<br> <br> How is a normal user going to cook this thing ! its huge !<br> <br>

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