Sketch out your design.

Step 1: Digitize Your Design

Open 123D Design at http://apps.123dapp.com/design/ and build your design. I only used two primitive shapes for this one: 8 spheres, and 2 domes. Save your model. Close 123 design.
<p>i do not recommend 123make if you want 100% result, I&rsquo;ve tried two projects (owl &amp; spider monkey) using stacked cardboard technique, the did not come out right even though i used laser cutter, especially the monkey</p><p>even your rabbit is a bit distorted which, obviously, is the programmes fault :)</p>
Were you able to 3D print directly from the 123DMake file -&gt; G-code tool, or did you need to feed the 123DMake file to a slicer as an interim step?
Thanks for making this easy to follow i11s for making this sort of thing. I've been wanting to do this and didn't know the right software to pull it off

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