Picture of How to make a cardboard computer (case)
Today my family cleaned out our basement and found some old cardboard boxes.  My family was going to throw them away, but I decided to use for something.  I had an old computer with a lame processor and not much ram, so i decided to do something cool with it.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
1. Computer
2. Cardboard box with slightly larger dimensions than your computer's mother board.
3. Duct tape
4. Scissors or knife
5. Lots of time
6. That's it...

Step 2: First box

Place your motherboard into a box and install all the ram, graphics cards, and hard drives.  Cut out areas for the plugs and ports.  I encased the hard drive, minus the top and plug sides, in cardboard to insulate the metal from the rest of the mother board.  I didn't think of making an instructable until i had already done some of this stuff so sorry if you don't understand the beginning assembly.  I suggest testing your setup as of now to make sure it's not messed up.  I also suggest testing this thoroughly throughout this setup.

Step 3: Revision

I just figured out that my hard drive was overheating, causing my computer to restart randomly.  Make sure you keep your hard drive in an open place.  I'm open to suggestions on better ways to incorporate the hard drive, so please comment.

Step 4: Next...

Picture of Next...
Cut holes in the box to add a second box on top.  I cut two holes for fans, one for the processor's and one for another.

Step 5: Second Level

Picture of Second Level
Add drives and PSU on top in a way that fits together, kind of like a puzzle.

Step 6: Structure

Picture of Structure
I added a layer of duct tape on the front to help hold it together.

Step 7: Finalize

Picture of Finalize
Put a final layer of cardboard on top of the box to seal it off.  I purposely made my final layer in a funky design
zcheek10 months ago
Not only is this a bad idea, it has a high possibility of fire and/or damage to your system. You have no fans. Computers get HOT, with no fans hot enough to burn the cardboard. Secondly, cardboard dust is very fine. This means the dust can get into your hard drive, disk drives, basically any moving components. Which can damage or destroy them and presents another fire hazard.
iApple guy2 years ago
No fan on the side?!?!?!?! It's going to get too Hot!!! You need a fan!!!
commodore123 years ago
how do you fit the usb jacks in that little space i cant do it any comments please help
tanmanknex (author)  idiotbuilder4 years ago
What I did was I put the USB ports right next to where the connectors were on the motherboard. I bunched up the cord and put in the extra area around the video card and stuff.
Thanks I got it working for now but I almost broke my motherboard.It still works thanks!!!!!