Introduction: How to Make a Cardboard Gun

Hello ,this is how to make a cardboard gun Now i know there are a lot of these kind of instructables
if you look at the picture you will see whats kind of different about this one

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

you will need

2.scissors glue and hot glue gun
4.paint(to decorate)

Step 2: Trimming Basic Shape

draw to actual scale the gun shape and cut it out including for recessed areas

Step 3: Building the Bullet Ejection Port

build a bottom and sides of a box(If all else fails look at the picture.)

Step 4: Continuing the Shell Ejection Port

glue a small rectangle to the inside of the port

Step 5: Building the Simulated Cocking Mechanism Up

glue a piece of cardboard behind the area cut out below the ejection port

Step 6: Building the Shell Casing

here you are really making a small box that is long and has a small protrusion at the bottom

Step 7: Constructing the Inside

make a thin wall to hold the shells in place

Step 8: Make the Otherside of the Gun

do what the title of this part says (by the picture)

Step 9: Flip the First Part Over

get the first part and glue another thin rectangle like so

Step 10: Box Everything In

glue the 2 sides on the small piece and begin to box in the trigger area

Step 11: Add Details and Have Fun When You're Done

add a trigger and a fake cocking mechanism ,paint and you're done


LbpWaffles (author)2010-03-13

It defintly awsome dude can you make another except from a video game like halo fallout 3 left 4 dead 1 or 2 or any other game any way keep up the good work oh and i subscribed to you

venom1539 (author)2009-12-14

does it shoot?

cah el (author)venom15392010-01-09

sorry it doesn't ,but that is an interesting idea

icecreamterror (author)2009-08-28

are you halo kid ?

cah el (author)icecreamterror2009-08-31

no i am not

Kaiven (author)2009-08-29

You used techniques that look similar to I am so mad I can't enter mine into the contest because I spent so much time on it.
Your 'ible looks good, but the guns is kinda too boxy and crude for my liking. Still, good job.

Chewy1993 (author)2009-08-27

I made a Fallout 3 Laserpistol out of my Wacom Bamboo box. I was bored one day, and wipped it together. It even has the front grill. Unfortunately, I didn't make an 'ible. Keep up the good work!

atomiclizard (author)2009-08-27

Not bad at all. One suggestion; I've seen in other Instructable that gluing layers together makes your object stronger and you sand and paint it too.

Spycrab (author)2009-08-26

pretty sweet :)

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