How to make a cardboard legend of zelda shield(my design)

Picture of How to make a cardboard legend of zelda shield(my design)
Today I will be making a legend of zelda shield and you will need:

-Cardboard(11x221/2 inches for shield,extra for dec.)
-duct tape(red,silver)
Lets get started!

Please keep in mind this is the wind waker shield style with my own design on it.
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Step 1: Shield face

Picture of Shield face
Picture 39.jpg
Picture 38.jpg
Picture 40.jpg
first cut the cardboard into a shield like shape and cover in red duct tape.

Step 2: Boarders

Now get your silver duct tape and put it on the boarders untill the boarders are covered.

Step 3: Details

Picture of Details
Picture 42.jpg
Picture 43.jpg
Now take some cardboard and cut out 3 triangles for the triforce(picture 1)and then tape on by making a loop of tape (picture 2) on each triangle and put on(picture 3)

Step 4: Handle

Picture of Handle
Get some tape and cardboard and make a handle and tape on

Step 5: Your done!

Picture of Your done!
Now your ready to bomb some dodongos.
HMice3 years ago
Pretty cool! I made a cardboard Deku shield, but it got wet, so I replaced it with a wood one that I painted differently. I used a leather belt as straps and painted it to look like a phantom hourglass!
kroehr3 years ago
this is pretty awesome
builderkidj (author)  kroehr3 years ago
I know its ba...You like it?