Hey, this is pretty good. I think I'll be taking your idea and modding it a bit for my own costume this year. Did you end up painting it or did you leave it box-coloured? I'm going to paint mine gold. Painting over dardboard--put as thin coat of varnish on first so the spraypaint doesn't soak directly into the paper. <br>
Hi there, nice costume man!<br><br>Perhaps you may be interested in a group that I co-created called Boxwars. You have already started I see.....<br><br>www.boxwars.com<br>enjoy!
Cool.<br /> A bit of paint and: <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9bS1dE0ps8">Intergalactic, planetary</a><br /> <br /> L<br /> <br />

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