How to Make a Cardbord GUN


Introduction: How to Make a Cardbord GUN

well first you need to figure out what gun to make. so think of your favorite gun :)

Step 1: Supplys

you will need

.card board


a knife

and a pen

Step 2: Step 1

first you cut out 4 layers of your cardboard gun

Step 3: Step2

then with two layers cut were the mag should go

Step 4:

then make a mag

Step 5:

and then you make paper machete 

Step 6:

paint and we are done



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    I think it's cool I just might make it and have you thought about being in the cardboard contest

    Is this some kind of joke?

    Bro not cool u cant spell scissors

    Why are you saying awesome on your own instructable? It's not awesome. It's not even that good, actually.

    5 replies

    please dont say that again... please. least post pics of your own cardboard gun

    Nevermind, haha. I see what you were saying now. Sorry, for the confusion.

    Are you talking to me? I can build one if you'd like. I just don't see why someone needs to say awesome on their own instructables.

    Please do something awesome, or even helpful?

    WHat's up with all the trolls about lately?

    What is a paper machete?

    Well um, not really helpful...