well first you need to figure out what gun to make. so think of your favorite gun :)

Step 1: Supplys

you will need

.card board


a knife

and a pen

Step 2: Step 1

first you cut out 4 layers of your cardboard gun

Step 3: Step2

then with two layers cut were the mag should go

Step 4:

then make a mag

Step 5:

and then you make paper machete 

Step 6:

paint and we are done
<p>I think it's cool I just might make it and have you thought about being in the cardboard contest</p>
<p>Is this some kind of joke?</p>
I don't see much point in this instructable.
Bro not cool u cant spell scissors
Why are you saying awesome on your own instructable? It's not awesome. It's not even that good, actually.
please dont say that again... please.
seriously.at least post pics of your own cardboard gun
Nevermind, haha. I see what you were saying now. Sorry, for the confusion.
Are you talking to me? I can build one if you'd like. I just don't see why someone needs to say awesome on their own instructables.
Please do something awesome, or even helpful?
WHat's up with all the trolls about lately?
What is a paper machete?
Well um, not really helpful...

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