How to Make a Cd Phone Holder


Introduction: How to Make a Cd Phone Holder

This is a instructable for those with time to kill. Its super simple and customizable, this is the basic version, so you can decorate it change the design, etc.. Remember have fun and don't forget im only 12 and this is my FIRST insturctable :)

Step 1: You Will Need

2 cd's , hot glue gun , scissors , phone , and a hand

Step 2: Cuting and Glueing

Allright so draw a line on the cd kind of by the edge and the middle on both cds

Step 3:

You shold have something like this now as in the picture, cut the very ends flat-ish

Step 4: Glueing Pieces

Now glue the two end things like in the picture

Step 5: Good Job Ur Done

OK this is what you should have come up with or something similar and that's it now you can decorate it or whatever thanks for viewing and leave a comment tell me what I should have done better. (P.S. Please don't tell me take better pics for im trying to buy a tripod so I've got that covered:)



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    love the idea. so you don't cut yourself sand or file where you cut or instead of cutting use a heat-gun. overall a good project

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    Thanks for the comment :) great suggestion and I'll keep that in mind next time I handle with CD's