Step 6: Finishing the Shirt! (Part 1)

Picture of Finishing the Shirt! (Part 1)
Ok now comes the most confusing part. For this section of the instructable, I scanned in drawings of the concept in order for it to make more sense.

Part A: Make two pieces of maille that are 3-4 inches wide. They should be as long as the distance from the bottom of the sleeve to the bottom of the shirt. Use these two pieces to connect the front and back halves of the shirt. These pieces should NOT be at all connected to the actual sleeve. Check picture number one for clarity in this step.

Part B: Make 2 different pieces of maille that are as wide as your sleeves are long. These pieces should only be 3-4 inches tall. They should look something like this:


The left to right length is governed by how long you made your sleeves. The up and down length should be the same as the left to right length of the pieces made in part A.

Now connect this piece to the two sides of the bottom of your sleeves. Do not connect this piece to the piece from part A that is already attached to the shirt. The drawing makes a lot more sense so if you are confused look at the picture for part B.

Why is it necessary to add other stripes of chain mail to the side seams? Can you not just connect the front and back panels together?
majorkonig5 years ago
sorry but i dont know what this is ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))? im going to be connecting the two side together and the rings will not connect they are going to be going against each other would you be able to help please. is there supposed to be a seem?
webenmopher6 years ago
there is a special way to connect the sides of the armpit... you can find it here: http://www.mailleartisans.org/articles/articledisplay.cgi?key=263