How to Make a Cheap 3d Glasses


Introduction: How to Make a Cheap 3d Glasses

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In this instructables , you learn how to make a 3d glasses and see the 3d pictures really ! If you like see 3d pictures thus , you should have a 3d glasses . So follow steps ! It's cheap and easy .

Step 1: What You Need ...

- Red talc
- Blue talc
- Liquid glow
- Pasteboard
- Scissors

Step 2: Make It Now !

cut the talc and evolve a circle or oblong of each color . Now you have 2 circle or oblong . One is red and other is blue .
Now with your pasteboard make a glasses . without any glass . It's easy . also You can choose a old glasses and evolve their glass . Then put your talc on it .
If you put this glasses , the red color should be left and the blue in right . You 3d glasses is ready to use . for see 3d pictures go to next step . Also see first image in intro . Now you can enjoy !

Step 3: 3d Examples

Here I put 6 3d photo . You can see them with your 3d glasses . Enjoy !!!



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    i tried your procedure but it is not so much effective....

    Now , I see your instructables . Also you do this work very nice ! Thanks a lot !