How to Make a Cheap Cascade 80 Fish Filter for Your Fishy Friends





Introduction: How to Make a Cheap Cascade 80 Fish Filter for Your Fishy Friends

I got tired of paying a whole-lotta-cash for my Cascade 80 fish filters that I was having to replace every couple of weeks. So I decided to make my own, using furnace vent covers, activated charcoal and and an old filter. I would imagine that this would work for any filter that is a charcoal/batting material. It's been a couple of months and my fish isn't dead yet, but don't hate me if yours dies.

Step 1: Step One!

Alright, so you'll need 3 things:

- Activated Charcoal
- Old Cascade 80 fish filter - I would imagine that this would work with any other type of cartridge filter
- Vent filters - these are used to cover your furnace vents it your house. I would image that a sewing store would have some similar type of material

Step 2: Step Two!

The second step is to remove the old filter and charcoal from the filter cartridge. I used a screw driver and peeled it all back; you could use any method you want. Just get it off and pour it out.

Step 3: Step Three!

Alright so you have the old filter material off, now it's time to pour some new charcoal into the old cartridge. I put about two tablespoons in, as that's about how much is in the old filter. It's important to have this stuff as it is what balances the water.

Step 4: Step Four

Now it's time for you to cut some of the vent filter, I found that it works best if you use 3/4ths of the vent filter folder over on its self twice. You can use the other 1/4th after a couple of replacements.

Step 5: Step Five!

Now it's time to slide it carefully back into the filter holder/pump assembly.
Then throw it back on you tank, prime, and plug it in!

Step 6: Step Six!

Great, now your fish can enjoy a clean tank and you can enjoy some extra cash in your pocket.



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    Wouldn't nylons work just as well & forget the filter stuff?

    Potentially... I don't know how fast they would "gum" up compared to the furnace filter since the nylons are finer - you'll have to let us know how the experiement goes!

    Will definitely do that. It's day two and so far so good.

    i like your koi but the tank looks cloudy

    agree. I have a small tank with 2 goldfish and the water is crystal clear. Why? because my filter has a turnover rate of 800 liters per hour, yet i have only 15 gallons.......

    that tank looks too small for a koi, how many gallons???

    Actually charcoal is usually worthless in a tank unless you are helping to remove medications or dyes, or your tank has a weird smell. other than that like I said Charcoal is worthless

    your filter is backwards. filtration process works in this sequence:
    mechanical(filter pad) then chemical(activated carbon). Also, biological [beneficial bacteria] is occurring before, during, and after.

    "poly-fill" is the best bang for the buck filter material (less than $2=1lb bag walmart, found at most craft/fabric stores), use your plastic screen from old filter cartridge to keep poly-fill from entering tank. Also, get a small fabric mesh bag (pet or craft store) and put your activated carbon in it. place in filter 'after' the ploy-fill and smile =D. you just stretched alota dough.
    hope that helps

    ps: your koi will be alot happier and live longer in a larger tank with more filtration, more hiding places, and some compatible friends.
    happy fishkeeping ~><=>'

    He was only kept in this tank for a short time as I was between living spaces. He's now much happier with a 20 gallon tank and spaces to explore. Thank you for your concern!

    I used the wet dry vac filters sleeves and sewed around the edges for my wisper 2 cartridge filter for over 20 years. If you make sure all the carbon is out you can scrub them quite well, also you can use the vent filter as a insert for better filtration. I have saved thousands over the last 20 year in taking care of 2 55gal tanks as well as other peoples tanks. 20 years and still counting