Picture of How to make a cheap airsoft Madbull grenade.
Alright, so this isn't technically a madbull grenade. But it does function similarly, and is much less expensive. This uses a few household items and is very effective, requires no water balloons, firecrackers, or anything specific other than what is required in the instructions section. I have spent almost a year hunting down an effective airsoft grenade. I felt like I was about done when I saw a youtube video on this. Now, I was skeptical at first, but this is the one of the best grenades. Period. So I improved the design, then since I didn't find anything about this on this site, I decided to post it.

P.s. Sorry for the fuzzy pictures. I need a new camera.

Step 1: Getting your supplies

Picture of Getting your supplies
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So you'll obviously need a few things First of all, you most likely will not have the main part in the grenade. The spring loaded party popper. So go down to party city and buy some. I bought 3 for $3.00. No you may be scared at first when the box says " One time use only" but I assure you. These are very easy to reuse. So now that you have those, you will need:

Duck tape ( Or any tape, Duck tape just looks cool.)

A small screw ( One for each grenade. It is very important you get the right size so try a few different types)

An easter egg. ( Preferably with holes in the top, and I think yellow looks coolest)

Sand Paper. ( I find a rotary tool to be much easier, but you may not have one.)

A pencil.

And of course, Air soft pellets. ( I used .2 grams)

There you have it! you can start building now
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No the tip must be pointy! Pointy is scary round is not!
saskae1 year ago

make a vid

spartan7115 years ago
Duck Tape was invented in WW1 For the army to seal ammunition cases. AND IT WAS CALLED DUCK TAPE because it was water proof
No, it was 'Duct Tape' because it was used to seal air DUCTS.
no ive read about it it was duck tape.
No, no spartan711 is correct on this one
Thank you
not originally, as i said it was originally called duck tape because of it's amphibious qualities.
That's kinda cool :D
put a small balloon or some tissue on the end and then the bb`s can fire out., its harder to reload but means you can fire quicker, say someone pops out of nowhere.Thanks
i really wish it wasnt blury, but i cant wait to build it
agent1023 years ago
This is a sweet instructable, but where can i get the party popper?Please help
party city
meanbean (author)  agent1023 years ago
I found my poppers at party city. My first suggestion would be to check there.
kenttin3 years ago
so do i have to take the egg off before firing? Please answer
meanbean (author)  kenttin3 years ago
YES! If you don't take the egg off, it will crack. You might be able to put tissue paper over the top if you're looking for a faster way to fire it.
h88644 years ago
quack :D
h88643 years ago
spell it
sub8934 years ago
is it reusable?
meanbean (author)  sub8933 years ago
finn123453 years ago
duct tape rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mwagner633 years ago
They do make golden duck tape now
Instead of using the screw, I think a bobby pin would be better. It would hold the lid down, then you could just pull it to arm the node. Plus, instead of trying to screw the screw into top, then the side, you could just carry 50 of them in your pocket.
you just blew my f***ing mind!
T-K3 years ago
great idea! i was playing around with it just now and found that the lid of a V Pocket Rocket fits kinda loosely in the opening. perhaps this could replace the easter egg and duct tape?
also, having the words "Energy Shot" on the front of a launcher like this sounds pretty cool 8)
v pocket rocket.jpg
jagged4745 years ago
instead of sandpaper or a dremel i used the metal file off of my pocket knife. same results.
nice job, because i dont have a dremel
nice implementing! i lost my small pocket knife that had a file on it, but then i got a bigger one!
Oicu81shoe4 years ago
Yeah this thing is great! Though its not really a grenade its more of a mini shotgun. 5*
2bad4u5 years ago
This is awesome... though I have never seen spring loaded party poppers....
this is probably some of the best work i have seen on a cheap reusable grenade...

but thats just it... its not exactly a grenade... I want something just like this except it fires on impact.... how can you or me if I make one make it so that it fires when the bottom of your grenade is struck... i'm sure it is already heavy enough that if you threw it would land bottom down most of the time... once that is done... I could easily make it shoot out instead of up (noting that it is landing and firing with the egg part up)...

anyways... great job... think about my idea though... :D
this is a tactic i used on my nerf darts when i was in to nerf, take a 6 ring of caps(the ones for the revolver) and SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY scrap out the white powder from the inside and put about a teaspoon into the very tip of the. cover up the holes, and put plastic wrap over it so it's not spilling over the bbs. and hopefully, if you launch/throw it with about 20-30 pounds of force, then you have your majic jack VOILA
oakman264 years ago
You do realize that the madbull grenade shells are for airsoft 40mm grenade launchers. A warning to tothers. this does not do the same thing.
i made one
that thing is sweet
Amazing! You should post an instructable on that.
meanbean (author)  zombiekiller424 years ago
Nicely done.
Couldn't have made it better myself!
pieman124 years ago
i found that using tisue paper and scotch tape on the end works really well.
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